World War Z

world z

Despite the enormous payroll World War Z experienced at the box office this weekend, the movie itself was a huge disappointment. Filled with zombie effects that have been run into the ground with movies like I Am Legend and a story line that throws together 28 Days Later and Contagion, the movie just drags on for 2 hours and ends with the biggest flop you could ever imagine for this kind of movie. Brad Pitt didn’t provide much relief either. Evidently taking no time to separate his character from his regular bum-look, the actor just reads through the lines and serves the same purpose as Keanu Reeves in The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008): he provides an A-list name to sell the movie. It’s time for Hollywood to get over the whole zombie apocalypse/world-ends-in-cataclysmic-destruction spell they’ve been under and start producing some originality.

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