Weekend Classics #6 – Rose Royce

The Los Angeles based group, Rose Royce, is no secret to anyone.  The groups biggest success came from the ever popular song, Car Wash, but it is no where near the caliber of their other songs.  The Soul/R&B group  took to the stage in the early 70s, due to the motion picture film, Car Wash. Oddly enough, this is a rare instance in Hollywood where the music was composed after the fact. The group came up with the name Rose Royce, due to the films automotive theme, shortly thereafter releasing the hit song for the film.

Rose Royce, had much success from the very beginning of their career. Their first three albums sold a million copies each. Six singles in two years had gone top ten, allowing them to hit record sales platinum in under 30 days.  Just as any group, their success came to a halt right in their prime years, as the group clashed, leaving lead singer Gwen Dickey to drop out from the group. After Dickey’s departure, Rose Royce tried to re-group, but never saw the same success. Dickey decided to go solo only in the UK, and the band continues to play to this very day, so keep on dancing!

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