Weekend Classics #5 – Lakeside

From scouring the streets of California, to making headlines, Lakeside has seen it all. Lakeside, which formed in south-side Chicago, (hence Lakeside), was a unique group from the mid-70s and 80s. The band consisted of 9 members, all of which decided to take their own route throughout this era. After a short stint with Motown, the group decided to switch directions by signing with a new record company in, Solar Records. By signing with Solar Records, it had allowed the group to write all of their own music and truly be whom they wanted.

After releasing their second album, Shot of Love, they began to see much success with the song “It’s All the Way Live,” which reached #4 on R&B top 100. A few years later, Fantastic Voyage, was released, which reached the #1 spot on R&B top 100. It was then, the band was known for wearing unique and goofy costumes on stage. Lakeside performed as police officers, Arabian knights, pirates, cowboys, and yes, Robin Hood. The band would go on to release 6 more successful albums, and is still active to this day. Keep it up boys, Lakeside is truly classic, and one of a kind group.

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