Rates Blue Door Pub #1 Burger

Earlier this week, released this years top restaurants by each category. Among one of the categories was Minneapolis’s top ten places to snag a burger; Blue Door reached the number one spot. The burgers are gourmet style burgers, Aside from the the traditional bar burger; they like to put a spin on everything. Whether it’s the Jiffy burger (heavy amounts of peanut butter), or the original Blucy burger (garlic spices and blue cheese), they seem to have a little something for everybody. Other than the wacky and unique style of burgers, they decided to make each burger affordable for anyone priced at $6.50-$7.50. Another reason why they reached the number one spot, you can make any burger a Cowboy for another $1; this adds BBQ sauce, cheese, and a few battered onion rings, need i say more.

Top Ten 

  1. Blue Door Pub
  2. 5-8 Club
  3. The Nook
  4. Matt’s Bar
  5. The Bulldog N.E.
  6. The Harriet Brasserie
  7. Republic
  8. Town Hall Brewery
  9. Burger Jones
  10. Red Cow

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