Vic Mensa: “Takes Over The INNANETAPE” by Jake Krzeczowski


I was once asked whether I would ever post articles directly from other media outlets, specifically blogs and magazines and i wasn’t quite sure how to answer the question. I’d never straight jack some one else’s material, but i feel that credit is definitely deserved when due. In this case we’re doing something we’ve never done before by making a post specifically for someone elses article/feature, this morning i woke up and read Jake Krez’ (for short) feature on Vic Mensa for Ruby Hornet and i was absolutely riveted (yes fucking riveted). Dude can write, although im sure he doesn’t need my validation so without further adieu; below is his article on one of Chicago’s rising stars: Vic Mensa.

Ruby Hornet: Vic Mensa Takes Over The INNANETAPE by Jake Krez

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