Today in Movie History….

Today in 1989, the eccentric and far-out vacation-gone-wrong comedy Weekend at Bernie‘s opened in theaters around the world. While critics didn’t have too many great things to say about it, movie-goers openly embraced the outlandish comedy, making it one of pop-culture’s most frequently referenced movies to-date. The script was penned by Emmy-winning screenwriter Robert Klane, who also worked as a writer on National Lampoon’s Vacation (1985) and Weekend at Bernie’s II (1993). Ted Kotcheff (Fun with Dick and Jane, Rambo: First Blood) directed the movie, which starred Andrew McCarthy (St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink) and Jonathan Silverman (Conception, The Hungover Games) as a pair of insurance agents who are invited by their boss to spend the weekend with him at his house in the Hamptons; when they arrive to find him dead, however, the two decide to pretend he is still alive so they can enjoy the weekend, prompting the hitman who killed him to come back to finish the job. Critics viewed the film as something of an original joke, bringing a fresh idea to a comedy movie, but overloading it with low-quality humor and drug references. Nevertheless, movie-goers around the world flocked to the theaters in summer 1989, bringing in an international haul of $70 million and making Weekend at Bernie’s a staple of 1980s pop culture.

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