TheStand4rd @ Varsity Theater [Recap]

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(Photos by Conner Evert)
Last Sunday, St.Paul collective TheStand4rd held the final show of their tour at Varsity Theater, and it was nothing short of amazing. After selling out every date on the tour, which stretched from New York to L.A.; the group returned home for their largest sold out crowd to date. From the get go, Spooky, Allan and Bobby commanded the stage, the hometown crowd could be heard singing along throughout the entire set. At points, Spooky would take the floor solo to perform a view crowd favorites, girls young and old could be heard screaming their hearts out. The kid’s voice is beyond his years and seems to just float out of him effortlessly, his shy/reserved demeanor only adds to his persona’s authenticity. Towards the end of the set, Bobby dropped “Motionless” and the crowd went absolutely insane. Accompanied by Spook, the records heavy hitting bass kept everyone bouncing well into the 2nd verse. The energy was magnetic to say the least, chants and words of encouragement, as well as cheers dotted the performance. It felt like a moment for sure, but once it was all done and said, one couldn’t help but wonder what’s next for the group. As solo acts they all have their own sounds, it’ll be cool to see how they continue to mesh them together. No word on when they’ll perform next, but if we learned one thing, we know it’ll probably sell out.

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