The Wolverine


Hugh Jackman has been playing the role of the Wolverine since Bryan Singer’s first film adaptation of the X-Men franchise 13 years ago. Even after Singer departed from the series and the original storyline was abandoned by the filmmakers, Jackman took the role to new levels, exploring the origins and history of the character. Now Jackman takes the immortal mutant to Japan to fight ninjas! In my opinion not the best approach in terms of a storyline, but Jackman has never disappointed fans while playing the character, and apparently fans still can’t get enough of him or Wolverine! The Wolverine opened in theaters last night to a reception of $4 million, beating out World War Z’s unexpected $3.6 million dollar opening earlier this summer. The film is expected to gross a total of $70 million during the course of this upcoming weekend. This is good news for both Marvel and Twentieth Century Fox, who are currently working with Bryan Singer on next summer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. I would say they’re really pushing it making another movie combining the original cast and that of Fist Class, but I think fans might disagree with me!

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