The 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards Had Some Surprises But Did Little For #MeToo

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It’s awards season; that time of year when the Super Bowl is the one thing strong enough to interrupt Hollywood’s narcissistic red-carpet events and fancy afterparties. The Golden Globes aired just a few weeks ago, with much of the attention focused on the #MeToo Movement that swept the film industry after Harvey Weinstein and dozens of others were accused of sexual harassment, and even rape by an astonishing number of women working in Hollywood. Last nights Screen Actors Guild Awards, however, saw a more typical type of awards show than what we saw at the Golden Globes.

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Kristen Bell stepped into the first-ever role of host for the 2018 SAG Awards. It was really no surprise that Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Darkest Hour earned a number of awards in the film category for actors Sam Rockwell, Allison Janney, Gary Oldman, and Frances McDormand. The most surprising thing about the show, however, was the lack of attention paid to the #MeToo Movement. Stars, male and female alike, took to wearing all black for the Golden Globes “blackout,” and even wore commemorative Time’s Up pins to show a unified coalition for change. But pins were out at last nights SAG Awards, and color was definitely back in. The whole #MeToo Movement was really only mentioned in any real capacity by Marisa Tomei, who gave a nod to Rosanna Arquette for being a ‘silence breaker.’ It seems as if Hollywood already considers the movement to be said-and-done-with (not very surprising when you consider how long it’s been covered up).

The rest of the evening was driven by a Lifetime Achievement Award for Morgan Freeman (obviously well-deserved), and a Best Actor in a Drama Series award for This Is Us actor Sterling K. Brown, who broke his record set only a few weeks ago at the Golden Globes of being the first black man to win the Best Actor in a Television Series category. His acceptance speech was a pleasant mix of humor and heartfelt advice, as he commented on his all-white TV family and spoke directly to those still up-and-coming in the industry. “The fame won’t sustain you,” Brown said, “the money won’t sustain you, the love will sustain you. Keep the love.”

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