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Tye Sheridan Cast As Lead In Steven Spielberg’s Upcoming ‘Ready Player One’


There’s been a lot of excitement surrounding acclaimed writer/director Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One over the last six months. Spielberg (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Lincoln) has been dealing with various production delays, including Warner Bros. pushing the release date back to March 2018 to avoid conflicting with Disney‘s Star Wars: Episode VIII, but now with a final release date set, production should get underway relatively quickly, especially seeing as the cast has just added a lead actor. The Tree of Life and Mud actor Tye Sheridan has been selected to play the lead role of Wade Watts, a teenager in a futuristic world where the human race prefers to live in a virtual reality universe called Oasis. When the found of Oasis dies, he offers up his fortune in a treasure hunt across Oasis that Wade and an ensemble of other contestants comes out to compete in. Continue reading

Warner Bros. Hires Screenwriter Zak Penn To Write ‘Ready Player One’ For The Big Screen


Author Ernie Cline has turned a lot of heads with his futuristic novel Ready Player One, which is a bit of a twist between The Matrix and Inception, as far as stepping into alternate realities go. The book follows Wade Watts, a teenager in 2044 who regularly ventures into a virtual reality program called OASIS. The program contains a series of puzzles and games that the players must solve in order to ‘win’ the ultimate prize: the entire fortune of the game’s creator. Of course Wade is not the only one in the virtual realm looking to win the big prize which is where the story begins, as Wade comes up against players who are willing to overstep the boundaries of morality and law in order to be the winner. The novel was published in 2011 and now Warner Bros. (who has been trying to get the project going for some time) has hired screenwriter Zak Penn to adapt the novel into a workable screenplay. The Avengers and X2: X-Men United writer has been brought on to brush up the initial adaptation co-written by the author and screenwriter Eric Eason. Donald De Line and Dan Farah are in charge of producing the film for Warner Bros., but there is no director attached to the project at this time. Christopher Nolan would probably be a good choice for this, but he is currently wrapping up post-production on his space exploration film, Interstellar, so he may be unavailable for some time. We’ll keep you posted.

Burton Presents: STREET

Burton boards continues it’s 4 part web-series with the street installment to contrast the previous backcountry episode. This segment features riding from Mark Sollers, Ethan Deiss, Zak Hale & Jeremy Jones hitting up Japan, Canada and our own backyard of Minnesota. Check out the above video and stay tuned for more as the winter kicks in.

Burton Presents: SNOWBOARDING (Trailer)

Burton snowboards has been at the forefront of it’s industry for some time now, just about every super star snowboarder comes through their offices and they always have their logo plastered everywhere at every event. This fall the guys at Burton have decided to take part in a 4 episode web series that highlights snowboarding in four distinct environments. The 4 environments that will be showcased are Back Country, Street, Womens & Resort and will feature riding from Jeremy Jones, Mikkel Bang, Zak Hale, Kimmy Fasani, Danny Davis & Mark McMorris just to name a few. The series kicks off on September 13th with the Back Country segment, check out the trailer above and stay tuned for more.