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The Bad Waitress


Location: 2 E 26th Street, Minneapolis
Hours: Mon-Fri: 7AM-11PM, Sat: 7:30AM-11PM, Sun: 8AM-11PM

Before Eat Street was well…..Eat Street, The Bad Waitress stood prominently at the corner of 26th & Nicollet as a sign of things to come. As the strip grew (Icehouse, Eat Street Social, Black Sheep etc) The Bad Waitress maintained it’s glory as the areas go-to diner. Minneapolis’ Whittier neighborhood has always been known for it’s wide range of international eats, Thai & Chinese places sit side by side with Mexican & Middle Eastern eateries; while The Bad Waitress embodies the American diner style of restaurant. As with most diners, cool nostalgic posters, toys & records from America’s past adorn every wall; giving you plenty to look at while waiting and eating. Setting itself apart from other diners in Minneapolis, The Bad Waitress strictly buys local; assuring you that everything you eat was in fact produced in the great state of Minnesota. Another cool touch is the comic book & monster themed tables (The Invisible Girl table is primo) that allow for super quick service, our food was laid before us in what felt like one blink of the eye. With all of the great things that can be said about The Bad Waitress, i did leave with 1 pretty insignificant gripe. Other breakfast places like My Kitchen, Uptown Diner & Mickey’s offer more bang for your buck, we know ridiculously large portions are now frowned upon; but when you’re hungover and in need of a monster meal, having to order twice can be dissappointing. All in all, The Bad Waitress is a great place to eat with great service and a cool atmosphere (prime location); however, if you find yourself looking for a feast on a budget, you may want to look elsewhere.

The Nicollet Cafe


Location: 1931 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis
Hours: Mon-Fri: 7AM-10PM, Sat-Sun: 8AM-10PM

A lot of people in Minneapolis would consider good cafe’s a dime a dozen, sure there are local favs like Spyhouse or Namaste; but sometimes I enjoy a more low key setting. The Nicollet Cafe on Franklin Street & Nicollet Avenue is slowly becoming a “go-to” place for a good cup of coffee and a quiet space to work. Decent specials, abundant seating and a diverse crowd are all positive things the Nicollet has to offer. If you’re looking for a little something to eat, they also serve sandwiches and breakfest to the shigrin of the Starbucks across the street. In an area saturated with cafe’s, The Nicollet is a nice change of pace from your typical coffee shop; if you’re ever in Steven’s Square stop in for a cup of Joe or a bite to eat.

Glam Doll Donuts


Location: 2605 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis
Hours: Sun: 7AM-3PM, Mon-Wed: 7AM-9PM, Thurs-Sat: 7AM-1AM

From Homer Simpson to your local police precinct, donuts have become a symbol of the American sweet tooth. Minneapolis has never been known for the ring shaped dessert, but all of that is beginning to change at the feet of Eat Street’s Glam Doll Donuts. Upon entering, you’ll be charmed by the diner/ beauty bar inspiried interior; one look at the selection of donuts and you’ll be completely lost. With names like “The Scream Queen” (double chocolate donut topped with carmalized bacon), “Cosmopolitan Girl” (Chocolate donut with peanut butter icing) and the “Daddy Dearest” (Surly Bender Icing & Cake); one bite will have you second guessing your current relationship. Classics like the Oreo & M&M donuts make appearances, but the “liquor fused” section is where thing’s get crazy. The Bourbon fused Apple Fritter and the Hennessy & berry filled “Night Moves” will have you wondering just how much booze is actually in them. Gourmet is probably the best word to describe the level of quality that is put into each new creation that Glam Doll cooks up, if you have an issue parting with $2-3 per donut (worth every penny); Dunkin’s (good luck) might be a better option for you. All in all, Glam Doll is probably one of the city’s best donut shops; the fact that they provide such a wide variety without sparing quality, establishes them as a local favorite.