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Thriftworks – Fadest


As promised, Thriftworks has released Fadest, his third and final installment to the series. With Fade, Fader and Fadest now available for our listening pleasure – Thriftworks has brought us an entire collection of experimental electronic music (54 tracks in total) to groove to. All three parts possess a very unique-original  sound to them, solidifying Thriftworks as one solid producer. Incase you missed the first three, peep em below.

Standout Track – “GhostHustler”

Fade | Fader | Fadest

Raz Simone – Cheap Money (Video)

If you’re ever having doubts about anything in life, listening to a Raz Simone track is one of the better ways to reconcile with it all. It’s rare for any artist to so easily combine the evils in life with a deep sense of introspection and underlying themes of positivity, no matter the circumstances. Time is everything & money means nothing. Cognitive Dissonance: Part 2, coming soon.

Rey Resurreccion – Duck Down (Video)

A couple of the west coast’s best kept secrets and most consistent artists, Rey Res & Goldenchyld (of The Bangerz), are back in full effect today with the new video for “Duck Down”. Res is promoting his upcoming release with Ineffable Music Group titled Heart of The City. Be on the lookout for that and if you’re not familiar yet, do your research. We suggest starting with the Old Rust New Bang series.

Sean Anonymous Hits The West Coast

Death Grips x Sean Anonymous

Sean Anonymous will join Device Grips for three stops on their tour, starting this Thursday. There will be 2 stops in Oregon and 1 in northern California for all of our people on the West Coast. Sean is definitely one of Minneapolis’ best when it comes to live performances, so if you’re in the area of any of these, you should try to make it out.

Weekend Classics #3 – Zapp

Ooowwweeeeeee! Zapp, baby! One of main influences and inspiring artists for the whole West Coast Hi-Hop scene, especially G-Funk. This soul-funk band was formed in the late 70s, and remains to be one of the funkiest bands to play on your stereo. The band consisted of four brothers:  Larry, Roger, Lester and Terry Troutman, with Greg Jackson on keyboards and background vocals.

Shortly after meeting George Clinton, the band was able to strike a record deal with Warner Brothers, and released their first album in the summer of 1980. Immediately following its release they began opening up for acts such as Prince, The Commodores, and Kool and the Gang. Just five years later,1985, the group had scored five gold records, and had become a top concert draw all around the world.

Sit back, vibe-out, and enjoy the funkedelic-groove by ZAPP….That TALK BOX BABY!!!

-Stay Tuned Every Weekend For Your Weekend Classics-