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Watch The Star Wars Saga In “Machete Order” Before ‘The Last Jedi’ Opens This Friday

As you are no doubt aware, the next installment in the latest Star Wars trilogy, The Last Jedi (Episode VIII), is opening in theaters nationwide this Thursday, December 14th at midnight. Whether or not it will be a frame-by-frame remake of The Empire Strikes Back (1980), like The Force Awakens and A New Hope (1977), has yet to be seen, but fans will undoubtedly be packing theaters to capacity from Friday until well into the New Year. If you already have a ticket for opening weekend, then let us know what you think. If not, however, you can still get your Star Wars fix by taking a brief (and by brief, I mean roughly 12-14 hours) refresher course with watching the series in “Machete Order.” Let me explain.

The Machete Order was first suggested by a fan of the series named Rob Hilton in preparation for the release of 2015’s The Force Awakens. According to Hilton, the machete order is a more effective way of watching the previous films, particularly for young viewers who are not familiar with the series. Obviously, with seven feature-length films and an eighth coming out this week, knowing where to start to get the full experience can be an overwhelming ordeal. Should you begin with the original trilogy and work your way up, or should you start with 1999’s The Phantom Menace and proceed chronologically? Continue reading

‘Furious 7’ Opens In Theaters This Friday, April 3rd

After a long delay due to the untimely death of veteran-actor Paul Walker, the seventh installment in the Fast and Furious franchise is opening in theaters this tomorrow, April 3rd. The film will bring back Vin Diesel (XXX, The Chronicles of Riddick), Dwayne Johnson (Walking Tall, Hercules), Michelle Rodriguez (SWAT, Avatar), Jordana Brewster (The Faculty, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning), Tyrese Gibson (Four Brothers, Transformers: Dark of the Moon), and newcomers Jason Statham (The Italian Job, The Transporter) and Kurt Russell (Escape from New York, Miracle) with the rest of the Furious 7 crew under the new direction of horror/suspense director James Wan (Saw, The Conjuring). Production on the film was obviously put on hold until script revisions and fill-ins by way of Walker’s brothers could be arranged to complete principle photography and now fans will finally get to see the long-awaited installment on the big-screen. Watch the trailer one more time here on MADE, then be sure to check it out this weekend!

Furious 7 Opening In Theaters April 3rd, 2015

This April will see the final installment of the iconic Fast and Furious series with original actor Paul Walker from Universal Studios. This will be director James Wan‘s (Saw, The Conjuring) first-step into the action-film series that will reunite cast members Vin Diesel (XXX, The Chronicles of Riddick), Dwayne Johnson (Walking Tall, Hercules), Jordana Brewster (The Faculty, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning), and Michelle Rodriguez (S.W.A.T., Avatar), plus the whole string of actors that have appeared regularly throughout the series. Also joining the cast for this upcoming installment is Jason Statham (The Transporter, The Italian Job), who made an uncredited appearance in Fast and Furious 6, and Golden Globe-nominee Kurt Russell (Escape From New York, Death Proof). This seventh installment in the series has been making news since Paul Walker’s untimely death in 2013; the production was delayed by 6 months, the script was tweaked for Walker’s absence, and even Walker’s brothers came aboard to help complete some of his scenes with the help of CGI technology, so needless to say this movie has been through some hurdles already. Check out the trailer here on MADE. The opens near you this April 3rd.

New Trailer For Fast And Furious 7 Features Footage With Paul Walker

Check out the new trailer for the upcoming Fast and Furious 7. Featured in the trailer is some of the footage with the late Paul Walker, who died last year in a car accident, and whose character’s scenes were completed in the film by use of CGI computer technology and Walker’s three brothers to fill in for the actor. The movie is directed by James Wan (Saw, The Conjuring) and brings back stars Vin Diesel (The Fast and the Furious, XXX), Dwayne Johnson (Walking Tall, Fast and Furious 6), Michelle Rodriguez (S.W.A.T., Avatar), and Jordana Brewster (The Fast and the Furious, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning). Expect to see it hit theaters on April 3, 2015. Enjoy!

Director James Wan Will Produce And Adapt His Graphic Novel ‘Malignant Man’ For 20th Century Fox


Although he is working tirelessly on the revived Fast & Furious 7, director James Wan is already looking to his future plans, which may include producing and directing his own graphic novel for 20th Century Fox. Deadline recently reported that Fox bought the rights to Wan’s graphic novel Malignant Man and, if all goes well, will have Wan producing and directing the project. The novel follows a cancer patient (Alan Gates) who learns that his once-terminal cancer tumor is actually giving him superpowers and allows him to become a crime-fighting superhero, so it’s an interesting combination of DC Comics meets Phenomenon. Fast & Furious 7 is still in the filming process after a delayed production following Paul Walker’s death last year, so we don’t really know when Malignant Man will really get rolling, but probably sometime in the next two years. Fast & Furious 7 is scheduled for release in 2015.

Paul Walker’s Brothers Will Help Finish The Late Actor’s Scenes In ‘Fast & Furious 7’


Following Paul Walker’s tragic and unexpected death last year, production on the upcoming Fast & Furious 7 was put on pause until it could be decided how best to approach the project without Walker being excluded from the production. Having decided to move on with the project instead of scraping it all together, the filmmakers decided to proceed by adapting the script and using body doubles and computer graphics to complete Walker’s remaining scenes, but now Universal is turning to the late actor’s family for help. The production company has contracted Cody and Caleb Walker to help finish their brother’s final project, which is expected to hit theaters next April. Considering Walker had completed the majority of his scenes for the film, having Walker’s own family step in to finish some action sequences and provide the studio with their full support in the wake of the tragic accident speaks loud volumes for fans who want to see Walker live on through his work. Fast & Furious 7 will be Paul Walker’s final acting project after the upcoming action/crime drama Brick Mansions is released later this year. You can check out the trailer for that project below, and check in for more news on Fast & Furious 7.

Director James Wan Will Use CGI and Body Doubles To Bring Back Paul Walker


We recently heard that Universal would be picking up production on Fast & Furious 7 this Spring, after the project was put on pause for several months following the unexpected death of Paul Walker. According to a source at the New York Daily News, director James Wan will be using a combination of CGI and hired body doubles to bring Walker back to the screen; actors will stand in Walker’s place and play the role for the camera, and then Walker’s face will be superimposed on the double’s face in post-production. This technique was also recently announced as being used in the latest Hunger Games installment, Mockingjay, following the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman last month. Fast & Furious 7 still has a couple of months of filming on the schedule before the film can be ready for the editing room, and the release date has been pushed back to April, 2015. Let’s hope it turns out an appropriate homage to Walker’s life and work. It may well be the last Fast & Furious we see hit the big screen.

‘Fast & Furious 7’ Resuming Production In April


After several months of halted production following the death of Paul Walker, director James Wan and Universal pictures will be resuming production on Fast & Furious 7. Initial reports were that Walker would still appear in the film, but the script obviously had to be edited after his unexpected death, and now there are also reports that the character may even be retired, but there is nothing official yet. The movie will still have 6-8 weeks to shoot, and the scheduled release date has been pushed back to April of next year. As far as we know, all the other cast members will still appear in the film.

Paul Walker Gives Fast & Furious 8 A Definitive Guarantee


According to a recent interview, actor Paul Walker, who has starred in all but one of the Fast & Furious films, has said that an eighth installment is pretty much a guarantee. Walker and the rest of the cast of the franchise have been working with new director James Wan on the seventh movie, which is scheduled to hit theaters in July 2014. While Walker admits that he was concerned about having a new director for the film, Wan has apparently done great by his expectations, both behind the camera and off-screen with the cast and crew. Walker credits the director with bringing a unique sense of style to the movie and even said that the studio would like to have a ninth and tenth installment, but that, of course, has yet to be decided with any certainty. Fast & Furious 7 will be coming out this summer and will feature the entire cast of the previous film. If it does well and the writers can get a good script going for the eighth movie, maybe a ninth and tenth wouldn’t be so farfetched. The Bond series will be on number 24, after all, once the new installment with Daniel Craig is completed, so it may not be completely out of the question. We’ll keep an eye out for more information!!

Saw 8 Being Produced For Franchise Reboot


Director James Wan stirred the imaginations of movie-goers and horror film fanatics with Saw back in 2004. 10 years later Wan’s original has seen seven sequels brought to the big screen, none of which were really worth watching. Saw 2 and 3 were tolerable because they at least followed characters set down in the first film, but once Saw 4 was released (and most recently Saw 3D to stay in tune with modern audiences), the franchise joined the ranks of horror films that have been ruined by sequels that should never have even been suggested. Although disappointing, this seems to happen pretty often in the horror genre; Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Amityville Horror all went on to have horrendous, and far too many sequels, none of which improved upon the original and all of which are pretty much copies of the original with different characters and unrealistic plot-lines. Why should Saw be any different? While you can get away with watching the Halloween or Friday the 13th movies because they’re older and much cheesier, Saw is a modern horror movie that doesn’t have a low budget, and relies heavily on modern horror graphics, which means you can’t even pass it off as “fun to watch” because of the sincerity with which it was made. Even if the new film turns out to be a re-boot of the franchise, I doubt it will give much more credibility to the movie; Rob Zombie attempted the same thing with the Halloween movies a few years ago and they’re already pretty much forgotten by everyone. We’ll see what happens.