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One Be Lo x Crunchy Kids x Phillip Morris x DJ Snuggles and Shelltoe Live @ Nomad

|Nomad World Pub| $7 – 9PM – 21+ | MPLS MN |

Tonight at Nomad World Pub, we have a real solid line-up with a very cheap price of $7. Artists such as, One Be Lo from Binary Star, will be performing with a rather well rounded group of artists billed for the night. I mean shit, how many places offer an event like this under $10. So, now that we have given you a heads up, make sure to mark this one on your calendar and continue to stay tuned for more events as this summer continues to get busier and busier. It is a no brainer to come out to Nomad next for some tasty brews and a full night of hip-hop.

Minneapolis Wins 2018 Super Bowl Bid


It seems as if things are constantly trending upward right now. Minneapolis has just won a bid to host the 2018 Super Bowl, which it hasn’t hosted since 1992. Yes, it seems like forever, especially for all the 90s babies out there. The decision was based off of the new $1 billion stadium and the additional millions of city renovations that are taking place around the facility. Now, maybe Zimmer and company can help take us there come February 2018.

Feel free to check out the somewhat lame approach that helped score them the winning bid.

Krooked Drivers – Here and Now (Beat Tape)

Heavy drums, looping bass lines, and swooping horns, all while being mixed live makes for one hell of a beat tape. The Denver based group, Krooked Drivers, have made an addicting mix that leaves you wanting more. It isn’t a surprise that the city of Denver has been pumping out a plethora of new artists in recent years, but these guys just happen to be one our favorites. It is great to see the duo (Maddy O’neal and Donnie Dalbora) releasing some fresh music such as Here and Now, and yet be able to separate their sound from the ever popular Pretty Lights. Make sure to press play and enjoy 30mn’s of uplifting music.

Weekend Classics #22 – King Floyd


The New Orleans born singer, King Floyd, is this weeks Weekend Classic. Floyd is mostly known for his hit song “Groove Me”, which was released in 1970. After spending some time at the Sho-Bar on Bourbon Street, Floyd eventually made his way to California to begin recording.

It was in the early 70s where King Floyd began to see much of his success. With early recordings of “Groove Me” and “What Our Love Needs”, Floyd  was able to start his career off with a bang. About a year later, they were picked up by Atlantic Records to take care of the distribution needs, landing Floyd #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. After selling over a million copies of his self titled album, Floyd began to work and record music full-time. Although he never saw the same success after the release of Think About It (1973) and Well Done (1975), he was able to maintain his popularity throughout the 70s.

You may also recognize some of his work in Shaggy’s “Boombastic” and “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” was sampled by Wu-Tang on “For Heaven’s Sake”.

Chicago Afrobeat Project x Black Market Brass Band


Where: 7th Street Entry | 701 1st Ave. N. Minneapolis,MN |

When: Saturday, May 10th | 9pm | Tickets $12/$15 |

This upcoming Saturday will feature two large bands to make for one big night. With the Chicago Afrobeat Project in town, it is only right to groove with the ever talented group at one of Minneapolis’ finer venues. It’s not common to find the group performing at a smaller venue like 7th street entry and it isn’t often they make their way to Minneapolis (maybe once a year). With that said, we really hope to see everyone out there come Saturday.

Kognitif – Monometric


Kognitif, is a French producer that focuses on hip-hop/trip-hop styled beats. The producer, is very similar to Dj Shadow and RJD2; but yet he has his very own signature sound. Earlier in 2014 he released his album, Monometric,  which finally has made its way into our hands. The album features his signature use of snare drums, which can easily be heard on “Lunacy”. It is quite noticeable that Kognitif has put a lot work into this album. The production quality is top notch; each song is filled with deep textures to make for one complete album.

Mr. Slim – Blueberries

Mr. Slim, aka Jake Calland, is a producer whom hails from the UK. Just a few days ago the producer dropped the tune “Blueberries” and is it ever sweet. With heavy blues/soul influenced throughout the track, it makes for one smooth track to bump in the AM drive around the city. If these chillin’ laidback beats are for you, definitely give his self titled EP Mr. Slim a listen. It isn’t hard to tell that this entire album is heavily influenced by Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, and even some Acid Jazz.

Psymun – Pink Label


With Psymun being on everyone’s radar in Minneapolis’ the producer continues to have the ability to consistently release some of the freshest beats around and shows no signs in stopping. On May 6th, the highly anticipated album, Pink Label, will be released. From the material that is already shared, it looks like the album will further push his ever growing popularity to a new level.

You can pre-order Pink Label digitally for $5/$12 for a physical copy directly through bandcamp.


sloslylove – Bedroom

The producer out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, recently released this track off of his upcoming album. The new release, “Bedroom”, has that signature sloslylove groove, which can be heard on his previous albums, such as Tendencies. The new album is set to be released this upcoming Summer and should be on everyone’s radar. We at MADE, have been big proponents of his work and expect this upcoming project to be a regular summer jam.  Stay tuned for more to come.

Upcoming Show: Friday, May 23rd 2014 | Cause Spirits & Soundbar | MPLS MN |

Young Ransom x Frankie Bash – “Make It” (prod. StPaul Drew)

The duo out of St. Paul just dropped their first single “Make It” off of their upcoming mixtape Ransom Notes. The track is a definite banger that needs to be cranked to the fullest. With Young Ransom and Frankie Bash on StPaul Drew’s heavy hitter, this one could easily get the club moving. Make sure to stay tuned for the full release of Ransom Notes and keep both eyes on St.Paul and Minneapolis right now, cause the city is making noise from every angle. Just wait TC, the city is gunna be on fire come summer.