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Sony Vita TV

Yesterday, Sony released some images and videos about their latest device, which should be out this upcoming fall (possibly as soon as November). The Vita TV, is similar to Apple TV, but is something more so invested into Sony products, like the PS4. The Vita allows you to stream the PS4 onto multiple TVs in your home; essentially meaning, you can play games or watch Netflix on multiple screens with the Vita TV.  The Vita is incredibly small and takes up little to no space, which is a plus. The back side of the device has HDMI capability, a memory card slot, a USB port, and 1GB of internal storage. It has also been rumored that the device will allow you to play PSP, PS One and many other PSN games as well.  Sony will be selling the device for just under $100, which is not too bad for the amount of features it will have.