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The Glo-Op

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If you’ve never been far from the Twin Cities, you might find it surprising that our fashion scene is actually one of the most influential in the country. Sure, we’re nothing like the powerhouses of NYC, LA, or Chicago, but our street wear scene has been on the upswing for quite some time. The fact that our thrift community is so strong inflames a movement that would usually start and stop with the local brands, this is what separates the Twin Cities. Local shops are popping up with hand made garments, vintage pieces, and quality items at great prices. One of which is The Glo-Op, currently operating via Etsy or by appointment, the shop has really started to garner a lot of attention. They offer a wide variety of vintage clothing, most of which are unisex, however inventory is limited so when you see something you like, you better grab it. Check out a few pics above and click the link below for a more comprehensive look at what they have to offer.


Mermaids & Accolades “Vintage Military Hoodie”

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Tony Sleaze of Mermaids & Accolades recently released a new Vintage Hoodie in military green. The 100% cotton hoodie comes distressed and equipped with hemp drawstrings, each piece will differ from the next adding a nice personal touch. These retail for $80 and can be purchased via Mermaids & Accolades’ web-store, click the link below for a better look.

“Vintage Military” Hoodie via Mermaids & Accolades

Northern Lights Rare Beer Fest 2015

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Where: MN History Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.
When: Saturday, March 28th, 2015 | Event time is 7-10pm.

The second annual of the Northern Lights Rare Beer Fest is right around the corner. Those who are beer connoisseurs and looking for some rare once in a lifetime opportunities to try beer, this is the event for you. While the ticket entry is quite pricy ($100), over thirty breweries will be featured with unlimited samples. After looking at last years program guide, it is quite obvious why they made this event such a high price. With a select list of the top breweries from the nation, they are featuring some of the most highly sought after vintage brews, as well as brews made specifically for those attending.

For more information visit: http://www.rarebeerfest.com/

David Redon Remakes Vintage American Ads

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David Redon, a graphic designer out of Paris, re-created vintage American ads using pop culture icons. David uses his illustrative background to make a whole new meaning for these vintage ads, based off of pop icons significance to American culture. Each piece is appropriately chosen to match with each artist. For example: Outkast on an old ad for soap, with the tagline “So Fresh and So Clean”. We made sure to share a good majority of the prints, so if you want to see more, feel free to visit David Redon’s website below.


Adidas Skate “Americana Vintage”

Adidas Kicks 1
Adidas Kicks 2
Adidas Kicks 3

Adidas comes through with a super clean take on their “Americana Vintage” model. Navy & “Fairway” green (lol) on suede make for a nice fit with pretty much anything, if you like what you see hit up your local Adidas retailer or click the link below; FlagSpot has them on deck now.

Adidas “Americana Kicks”