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Vikings Stadium: The Start of a New Era




A few days ago we took a stroll around the construction site of the new Vikings stadium, and man is this thing going to be insane. In order to build the new stadium, they had to bring in the second largest crane in the United States – which makes sense after seeing it sit sky high next to its enormous support beams. Here are a few pics (mostly B&W) showcasing the progress of the new billion dollar giant. Stay tuned for 2016 while the new glass dome gets constructed.

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By: Vogz

Minneapolis Wins 2018 Super Bowl Bid


It seems as if things are constantly trending upward right now. Minneapolis has just won a bid to host the 2018 Super Bowl, which it hasn’t hosted since 1992. Yes, it seems like forever, especially for all the 90s babies out there. The decision was based off of the new $1 billion stadium and the additional millions of city renovations that are taking place around the facility. Now, maybe Zimmer and company can help take us there come February 2018.

Feel free to check out the somewhat lame approach that helped score them the winning bid.

Cordarrelle Patterson – Rookie Highlights

Lets reflect and take a look at all the bright spots that Flash brought to the team this year. Flash Patterson is on his way to be legitimate for years to come. Many of these highlights are unreal, and it is just the beginning. Lets rewind and peep the  Purples new reigning 84.

Target Center Renovation

The Target Center is set to get a complete face lift immediately following this season. The $100 million renovation will involve re-designing the outside, concessions, the center screens, and just about everything else you can think of.  The facelift should make Target Center once again a state of the art arena for basketball. Just think about this, not only does MPLS have a brand new baseball field, they are about to have one for the Vikes and Wolves as well. I am definitely a fan of this decision by the city council; troughs at a basketball arena are not really ideal.

Adrian Peterson Helmet Cam


AP was the first if not one of the first to fully use GoPro’s new helmet cam. The whole thing is a new experiment being done by the NFL, which rumors have it, may lead to refs eventually wearing the cameras. After watching the video, I now know what it is like to run like the wind. Check out the link above as AP hits gaps and brings some humor into the everyday life of training camp.