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Up-Down Minneapolis

Up Down 1

Location: 3012 Lyndale Avenue S, Minneapolis
Hours: Mon-Fri: 3PM-2AM, Sat-Sun: 11AM-2AM

The corner of Lyndale Avenue and Lake Street has gone through quite the transformation over the last few years. The new Country Bar, Iron Door Pub, and Lyn-Lake Brewery have breathed life into what was beginning to look like one of the southside’s biggest question marks. If you remember Rusty Quarters, 1Up, or any of the other failed attempts at arcade bars, you know that the people over at the newly established Up-Down are definitely on to something.
The bar feels like an arcade first which is a great thing, they offer a wide array of games including pineball, jumbo jenga and ski-ball. You’ll see plenty of your favorites like The Simpsons, Off-Road, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and NBA JAM, but there are also plenty of gems in their collection. If you came for the booze you wont be disappointed, Up-Down offers around 60 taps as well as a full bar. Food? They have a small kitchen that serves up pizza by the slice, not mind blowing but definitely a good filler between pints. Pinball aficionados might scoff at the limited selection, but you’d be hard pressed to find a better one in the cities. Be aware that this place can get packed during evening hours and over the weekend, if you’re there to play you should aim for week days or earlier hours.

Up-Down is by far the best “barcade” I’ve ever been to in the Twin Cities, there is plenty of room for improvement, but there really isn’t much to complain about either. If you follow our advice on when to attend you should be good, click the link below for their official website.


Super Mario Odyssey (Video)

Earlier today, Nintendo teased a minute of gameplay from their upcoming Mario game, “Super Mario Odyssey.” Interestingly enough, the game is set in an urban environment, much like the classic live action Mario movie starring Bob Hoskins & John Leguizamo. The video clearly shows vehicles and non cartoon humans walking about. Check out the video above and peep the hilariously remade “Mario in GTA IV” visual below.

Classick Fam @ Emporium

Classick Show

Location: 1366 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago
When: Monday, October 19th @ 9PM

Wicker Park has been changing a lot as of late but one thing that has stayed constant over the last couple of years is the Emporium. The original barcade in Chicago that brought booz & video games together is known for it’s musical showcases and October will be no different. Next Monday, Smino & Zero Fatigue, Death By Icon, Stefan Ponce, and Ravyn Lenae will all perform for the fine price off FREE.99. The event is 21+ and you can RSVP below via Do312 for 4 free tokens & a mystery shot and the 1st 50 people will also receive free tokens. Click the link below to RSVP and make sure to get there early.

Classick Fam via Do312

Mario Skate Visual via Corridor Digital

Among the murmurs of Mario skateboarding expansions and games, the guys from Corridor Digital have decided to take things into their own hands. Known for their clean use of visual effects often in video game re-interpretations, these guys have really started to make a name for themselves on the web. A cool video that not only shows off what they can do, but also how awesome a Mario Skate game would be. Check out the video above and stay tuned for more.

Los Santos By Night

A couple of days ago, The XXI uploaded a cool video featuring Los Santos (GTA V) at night. From the rough streets of Strawberry and Davis to the glitzy night life of Vinewood, this video does a good job of showcasing the game’s immersive depth. Take a look at the video above and be on the look out for more.

Star Wars Battlefront – New Concept Art Released

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Not too long ago, DICE announced that they were picking up the Star Wars Battlefront series and ever since, the hype has been REAL. With little to no details being released on the upcoming game, they were finally kind enough to release some new visuals. Their latest visuals give us an idea of what some of the maps will be like. Those of you who were a fan of DICE’s Battlefield games, should be more than excited for Battlefront.

With a great variety of maps being tailored to specific game modes, all fans of the game will be fully immersed into its gameplay. Incase you missed the original trailer, we saved you the extra clicks of the mouse below.

Grand Theft Auto V Online “Heists” (Trailer)

The good guys over at Rockstar Games continue to expand upon Grand Theft Auto V’s game play with yet another new installment. This time, the gaming giant will provide a new downloadable pack featuring the ever popular heists. A lot of gamers have been complaining about the lack of heists in the online mode, so it’s good to know that their wishes wont go in vain. This new pack will enable players to make a lot more money than previously offered, making for a much more comfortable online living. Check out the trailer above and be on the look out for more updates.

Grand Theft Auto V: First Person Experience

As Grand Theft Auto V’s next generation release draws closer, Rockstar Games has dropped a trailer featuring unexpected new gameplay. For the first time ever, players will be able to navigate Grand Theft Auto’s simulated cities in first person. NO, not just in your car, you’ll actually be able to walk, shoot, drive and everything else from the first person view, making for a more engaging experience. Take a look at the trailer above for yourself and be on the look out for GTA V for XBOX One & PS4 November 18th (PC Jan24th).

Joey Purp x Netherfriends x Chris Crack Live @ Emporium


Location: 1366 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago
When: Thursday, October 16th @ 9PM

Fake Shore Drive will be curating an event at Wicker Park’s Emporium Barcade tonight, and the lineup is pretty dope. The night will feature performances from Joey Purp, Netherfriends, Chris Crack, Fess Grandiose and Angel Katz, rounding out what should be a good time. This one’s 21+ and it’s FREE, if you’re looking for something to fill out your Thursday night you should stop by Emporium.

Mario Kart 8 Features Classic Mercedes-Benz’

Nintendo recently announced that it will be featuring classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles in it’s upcoming game Mario Kart 8. Not exactly sure how this came about, but it’s definitely interesting. Can’t decide whether it will be cool to see the cars being driven by classic Nintendo characters or if it’ll feel like blatant product placement/cross promotion. With the release of Mario Kart 8 just a couple of weeks away on August 27th, Wii fans can now envision Luigi driving a 1934 W-25 Silver Arrow.