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[MADE] Brews of the Week

Moving Parts The Ever Evolving IPA: Batch No. 4

CanoeMN (13 of 34) copyVictory Brewery has been consistently making some of the best beers in the U.S. Just this past weekend, I was gifted a bottle of one of their IPA’s – Moving Parts (The Ever-Evolving IPA) Batch No.4.

After loading up the canoe and riding out, it was time to crack open this unique IPA. Every four months, the guys from Victory decided to change things up by adding new ideas to put a twist on brews. With Batch.04, Victory added belgian yeast with mosaic and Madarina Hops. This brew has a lot going on – with fresh fruit and strong wheat flavors, it couldn’t of tasted better while on open waters. Sitting at a solid 7% ABV, Victory is one delicious brew. Make sure to grab a bomber if you come across one – it’s damn good.

Hell Hath No Fury Ale

CanoeMN (3 of 34) copyBy now, we should all know Bell’s brewery. One of Michigan’s finest brewery’s,  has released a delicious Dubbel styled ale. Hell Hath No Fury features some delicious characters to it, making for a well rounded brew.

Brewed with Abbey-styled yeasts and blending the flavors of roasted malts, chocolate and coffee. After pouring, let this one sit for a few minutes and open up. The brew tastes dark and fruity – yet offering deep chocolate undertones. After finishing a single bottle, I felt myself reaching for more. . . unfortunately it was the only one. If you are looking for a solid mid-fall brew, this one will do you well.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

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Where do we even start with this beer. This vicious single-hopped IPA leaves taste buds wanting every last drop. The Hop Devil, has a whole lot going with it. In each sip, the sweet nectar fills your mouth with piny-grapfruit-tangerine flavors, backed by a solid biscuit malt taste. The finished product is rather juicy yet dry.

Some of Victory’s beers can be found at your local liquor store. For some reason, this brew can be hard to find in the upper midwest. If you ever stumble across this brew, make sure to grab a sixer if you already haven’t

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Two Brothers Brewery, out of Warrenville, IL., now has been featured twice for our Brews of the Week. This time, we would like to feature their delicious Peppermint Porter.

Their latest winter release of this brew is absolutely delicious. If you’re into experimental beers, this one is a must try. The peppermint porter pours a dark brown with a foamy tan head – which immediately you will notice it’s peppermint aroma. After taking the first sip, I found that it has a balanced taste of peppermint bark, chocolate, roasted malts and a creamy smoothness to it. At this time of the year, it is only right to enjoy a delicious porter.

[MADE] Brews of the Week


Mad River is one of those breweries, where everything they touch turns out to be gold (or damn near close). With a badass label attached to this imperial red ale, I knew I had to grab this at the liquor store ($8.99 for a four pack).

This Imperial Red, pours a deep and dark amber red. The lightly carbonated brew, has little to no head and sits at a solid 8.6% ABV. The most immediate feature of this brew, is how fragerant the brew is – it immediately reminds me of one of our homebrews. Heavy on the caramel malts and strong on the sweet citra-fruit style hops – double dread is as one smooth imperial red ale. Make sure to leave a little beer in the bottom of these, as they are full of sediment.


Another one of MADE’s favorite breweries, happens to be Victory. This should be apparent by now, as we feature our third beer by Victory. Victory’s Winter Cheers, is labeled as a celebratory Wheat Ale, when it is really more of a Hefeweizen.

The brew pours a light color with a bit of haze tint to it. This one had me scratching my head at first, “a Hefeweizen served as a winter beer?” Turns out, the beer serves rather delicate, with a slight mix of hops, lemon and bananas. It is absolutely delicious and even comes off a bit of a saison. If you are looking for a light, yet tasty, holiday brew to compliment some of g-ma’s holiday baked goods – look no further.

[MADE] Brews of the Week


Wow, it has defintatley been awhile since we have put out one of these. To tell you the truth, we pretty much tried everything worth while at our local liquor stores and ran out of ideas. Well, thank the beer gods for seasons, because we have brand new seasonal’s available!

Our first runner up goes out to Millstream’s Oktoberfest. The Iowa brewery continues to impress, as their lineup of brews continues to be great. This Oktoberfest really is one smooth brew. While this style of brew has never been my favorite, Millstream has made me a believer. The incredible creamy smooth taste backed by familiar caramel notes boasts for one medium-heavy bodied brew. It should be noted, that this Oktoberfest has more hop bitterness to it than most of your sweeter versions, which may be why I tend to enjoy this one. At $8.99 a six pack, you simply cannot go wrong.


Victory is one of those breweries that just never lets me down. Whether it’s an IPA, Pilsner, or a Stout – it always hits the spot. Although, the beer itself (in my opinion), is not a traditional Oktoberfest, it is very drinkable.

The brew pours a dark mahogany, but yet appears very crisp and clean. Festbier is much sweeter than Millstream’s version, but it certainly ins’t an overwhelming sweetness. One might say that it has a strong taste of bread to it as well, which follows more of a traditional malty Oktoberfest. If you are still new to Oktoberfest brews and Victory, this one is certainly worth a try.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

Victories Dirt Wolf Double IPA is a real man’s IPA. This mighty brew is smooth well before you even sip it. Dirt Wolf pours a hazy goldish color while mixed with the scent of a god. Throughout each sip, there’s a rush of grapefruit present; I would say it is more of a sweeter honey taste somewhere present in it as well. There is no doubt that this one will be leaving  you with one choice, to have another. Anyways . . . this DIPA is the real deal.

Indeed has recently released the holy grail of American Black Ales. This Double Black ale finds a way to almost completely hide its boozy 11.5% ABV.  Right now the beer can only be found at local liquor stores around MPLS in a big bomber bottle; otherwise your best luck is straight from the source (their brewery).

After one sip of this brew, it has your head spinning and your taste buds jumping. One can’t help but notice the piney hops with a nice blend of citrus, all backed by some toasty malts with cocoa.  While it is a rather spendy brew, it is hands down one of the better Black Ales around.