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ENTHEO – pulse


A few days ago, the Sydney based producer ENTHEO, dropped the track titled “pulse”. If you’re not familiar with the artist, ENTHEO produces abstract electronic music, which to say the least is quite addicting to sit back and listen to. This chill instrumental continuously changes from start to finish, making for a smooth 3mn journey.

[MADE] Recap – 2014 Bastille Day Block Party


Let’s start out by saying, Bastille Day was an absolute perfect day to throw a block party. With thousands of people filling in Lake Street, Bastille Day went as planned from start to finish. The day featured delicious food, a few vendors, and most importantly, live music.


With standouts such as GRRRL PRTY and Heiruspecs, the day was set up for one hell of an evening. Even though there have been  numerous block parties this year, the Bastille Block Party stood out as one of our favorites. 

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While we attended the block party, we focused a lot of our time and energy watching the photogenic girls in GRRRL PRTY. Every show, the girls throw down, making it pretty hard for others to top. 

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As Minneapolis continues to be a hotbed for artists, more and more block parties tend to fill our summer. It is times like these that we live for in Minneapolis: great atmosphere, perfect weather, and good music all make for one memorable day.

Stay tuned for weekly recaps. For inquiries hit us at: themadeblog@gmail.com

[MADE] Recap – RIP Cause 07.10.14 | Phillip Morris x RP Hooks and more


As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. The bitter ending to Cause happened over the weekend, but it should be noted, the last hip-hop performances damn near set the place on fire (and probably should have). With the soon to be sports bar in place, we cross our fingers for a failed restaurant, which presumably leaves that side of Minneapolis dead. Before we get ahead of ourselves, lets focus on the night that was.


After performances by Moonlight Grammar and ECID,  Phillip took to the stage while the bar was already packed thick. We’re talking’ inside to outside, people were flowing in and out the doors like it was your ladies time of the month. I mean, this was one of those special nights at Cause, and rightfully so, it happened a few nights before closing.

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After Phillip Morris wrapped up another good performance, Rapper Hooks took to the stage and immediately had people thrown’ up drinks – everyone got involved. With the lights dimmed low and smoke filling the air; the bar was buzzing heavy for this set. It really goes without saying, but, Cause featured the right crowd, on a perfect evening, making it one for the books. Now everyone’s question is, who will be the next to replace the iconic venue/restaurant??? I am not so sure there will be one, anytime soon that is…only time will tell.

[MADE] Recap – Beasthead Live @ Kitty Cat Klub & After Party

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After a long Friday night staying up till the sun came up, we decided it would be a good idea for a second round. This last Saturday, Beasthead performed with Sun Gods to Gamma Rays for their latest remix release. After a few great sets by the artists, we made our way downtown for some additional fun. Rooftop chillin, water volleyball and some good conversations made up for the rest of the evening. Stay tuned here for more weekly recaps from MADE.

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RUFF ÐR∆FT – One From Central


RUFF ÐR∆FT just released this fresh beat yesterday and it hasn’t left our thoughts yet. The smooth drums backed by the soothing syth’s and keys, make for one enjoyable record by the producer out of Oakland. The beat bumps all the way to the end as it continuously builds and changes directions throughout. Stay tuned for more form the artist and feel free to cop the track for a $1.


Chicago Afrobeat Project x Black Market Brass Band


Where: 7th Street Entry | 701 1st Ave. N. Minneapolis,MN |

When: Saturday, May 10th | 9pm | Tickets $12/$15 |

This upcoming Saturday will feature two large bands to make for one big night. With the Chicago Afrobeat Project in town, it is only right to groove with the ever talented group at one of Minneapolis’ finer venues. It’s not common to find the group performing at a smaller venue like 7th street entry and it isn’t often they make their way to Minneapolis (maybe once a year). With that said, we really hope to see everyone out there come Saturday.

sloslylove – Bedroom

The producer out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, recently released this track off of his upcoming album. The new release, “Bedroom”, has that signature sloslylove groove, which can be heard on his previous albums, such as Tendencies. The new album is set to be released this upcoming Summer and should be on everyone’s radar. We at MADE, have been big proponents of his work and expect this upcoming project to be a regular summer jam.  Stay tuned for more to come.

Upcoming Show: Friday, May 23rd 2014 | Cause Spirits & Soundbar | MPLS MN |

Beasthead Live @ Various Locations This Weekend

Our freinds from Beasthead have a very busy weekend ahead of themselves as they begin their April Mini Tour. With three shows this weekend (two tonight), there will be plenty of opportunities to catch them live if you still haven’t. Feel free to see them live at Legacy Glassworks, Nomad World Pub and Acadia Cafe. WIth each performance they will be accompanied by a variety of talented musicians. Plus, if you make your way to Legacy Glass Works, you can grab some discount glass. Make sure to make your way out to one (if not all three) of their shows this weekend, especially since two of them are FREE.

This Friday:

This Saturday:



We at MADE were introduced to Tek.Lun a little over a month ago. The 20-year-old producer from Maryland, makes some of the hottest tracks around. After listening to a variety of his albums, Zahmbeez Vol.2 and Resl(o)ve are definitely the two standouts. Seriously take some time to stream or download this music, it’s highly addictive.

Weekend Classics #15 – Bill Withers

Bill Withers is on our list as one of the great musicians to ever record throughout the 70s. After enlisting in the Navy for nine years, Bill learned to sing and write songs in his off time with the Navy. Once discharged in 1965, Bill made his move to Los Angeles where he soon debuted “Ain’t No Sunshine”. This was just the beginning for Withers, even though he truly did not believe in the music industry being a viable option for work.

In 1971, the release of Just as I am, landed him a Grammy for the Best R&B Song with over a million copies sold that year. In 1972, Bill released his second studio album, thus catapulting his career with hit singles “Use Me” and “Lean on Me”. After touring and performing with the likes of James Brown, Withers changed record labels and joined Columbia records, where he would release a string of successful albums, leading into the early 80s.

While we may not of introduced you to a new artist with Bill Withers, this wonderful sunny Sunday combined with Wither’s soulful grooves, seemed like the perfect day to share some of our favorite jams by Withers. Enjoy.

Stay Tuned Next Week for MADE’s Weekend Classics.