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[MADE] Recap – Dwynell Roland @ The Skyway Theatre | 9.10.15

1– Finding Novyon & Dwynell RolandD.Roland.Skyway (1 of 10)-Dwynell RolandD.Roland.Skyway (10 of 10)

Last night, we made our way over to the Skyway Theatre to catch Dwynell Roland, paired with The Rotation. Opening up the night with 98 Regal’, which possesses all the tools to be a classic – the crowd instantly moved in on the stage. This is nothing new, as the Dwynell and the crew set fire to the stage captivating those in the venue. Playing new tracks to a few older, we saw a variety of what Dwynell has behind the belt. If you missed the show last night, make your way over to the U of M campus this Saturday.

Stay locked later in the evening for more photos to come, exclusively here at MADE

By: KVogz

[MADE] Recap – Beasthead with StoLyette and Tired Tongues @ 7th St. Entry | 8.24.15

BH_53-Ghostmeat x Beasthead BH_11-StoLyetteBH_6-Tired Tongues 

This photo series captures the above performances at 7th Street Entry, in downtown Minneapolis. While First Ave continues to get their shit together and fix their roof, we enjoyed a solid night of music next door. With opening acts of Tired Tongues and StoLyette, the night was then capped by a strong performance by Beasthead. The group ended their night by inviting both emcee’s from Glow Mechanics to the stage, nearly collapsing the functional roof above – or so it seemed. Scroll through the pics below and make sure to stay tuned for more from all three groups.


[MADE] Recap – Prophetta and John Shrimpnose w/ Special Guests Live @ 7th Street Entry | 8.2.15 | Pt.2

7thShrimp_39To follow up with PT.1’s post, we bring the remainder of the highlights from this past weekend. Make sure to stay locked for more weekly recaps to come!

[MADE] Recap – The Sound Gallery | 7.24.15 | Pt.2

IMG_0368Photo By: EJ (Nathan Ejuwa)

unnamedPhoto by: Sayth 

Photos (above): EJ (Nathan Ejuwa)

[MADE] Recap – The Sound Gallery | 7.24.15 | Pt.1

beastheadIt is nearing the end of July, which means we are also nearing the end of another iconic venue in Minneapolis. The last few weeks, The Sound Gallery has really upped its traffic by having multiple shows a week; that way, you know, they end this shit right.

beasthead_33This past Friday, SG featured a variety of local artists, including : c.Kostra, Carnivore Bones, Stolyette and Beasthead. Needless to say, with doors opening at 11, music went into the early morning hours.

beasthead_24While the drinks kept on flowing, people continued to pile in. By 3AM, Beasthead took to the stage to throw down another fine show. It’s a damn shame a place as giving as SG has to come to an end. Here we are again writing about its last days, just as we covered Cause’s last days not too long ago. Regardless, another one goes and we hold our breath until new doors open.

Photos: Kevin Vogel


[MADE] Recap – IshDARR x GoldLink Live @ 7th Street Entry | Pt. 2

first ave_18 copyGoldLink

first ave_27 copy


By: Vogz

[MADE] Recap – Beasthead & Aero Flynn Live @ SG | 2.28.15

output_kAeYnz– Beasthead x Ghostmeat


Light_28– Aero Flynn

 By: Vogz

Lettuce Live @ First Avenue


When:Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 @ 8:00pm
Where: 701 First Avenue N, Minneapolis

Looking for plans for Mardi Gras in Minneapolis? Well, no need to look further. The ultra funky band out of Brooklyn will be making a stop at First Avenue tomorrow. If you are not familiar with Lettuce, they bring heavy rhythms and bass that slap your eardrums into outer space and back again. The group is one of the funkiest and we expect this to be one hell of a show.

Tickets are selling for $20 – so make sure to grab them before they’re gone.

[MADE] Recap – Palomino Fest 2014

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Lets take a brief moment and recap Trampled by Turtles’ first annual Palomino Festival. The festival focused heavily on folk/bluegrass music, with some funk sprinkled in. Speaking of sprinkles, this show nearly turned Woodstock due to the heavy downpour that ensued for a good portion of the event. Due to the rain, we were only able to capture limited moments of the festival — but the images we have, we feel represent what happened rather well.

Outside of TBT, our favorite standout performance had to be the 65 year old Charles Bradley. The man is essentially James Brown reincarnated, and he was absolutely one hell of a show to watch perform. From a variety of covers, to original material – the man gave it his all on the stormy afternoon.

As far as the layout is concerned, Palomino held over 10,000 people inside Canterbury’s racetrack, unlike Soundset’s location. When the rain came, the backup plan worked bringing the crowd inside the racetrack/casino area. Ideal? No, not for 10,000 + people as it was a near 30mn wait to grab food or beer. All in all, if there is a second year, we plan on getting early bird tickets to see what round two has in store.