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Diverse! & Ian Ewing ft K.Raydio – Slow Down

A few hours ago, the UK producer Diverse!, released a new record with Ian Ewing and K.Raydio. After hearing “Slow Down”, almost immediately I forgot about the 8 hour work day. A slow tempo dreamy beat, laced up with a climatic build of K. Raydio’s soulful voice, makes “Slow Down” one of our favorites from the singer/songwriter to date. The three together make for one dangerously addictive combo,

Mr. Slim – Tonien

A few months to a year ago, we featured Mr. Slim’s self titled EP, which at the time, had little to no followers. Now, close to a year later, he is gaining traction as the wheels continue to turn. Just an hour ago, Mr.Slim released his second album titled, Tonien. The second full release is a step in a new direction for the producer, as he evolves into a mixture of spacey relaxed beats and drum and bass. From the opening to closing tracks of Tonien, it is packed with thick textures of bass, snares, guitars and original melody’s. We recommend to keep both eyes and ears open for more for Mr. Slim – his first two projects are quite different from one another, yet hold the consistency of quality production and originality.

[New] DENON’s Envaya Speaker

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The company out of the UK, DENON, has developed a brand new speaker that enables three users to pair up to it simultaneously. All that is needed, is NFC capabilities, Bluetooth, a smartphone, and you are set. These new speakers allow for up to 10 hours of battery with only a 2.5 hour charge time. It also has a built in auxiliary port and functions as a mobile charger with it’s USB charging port. The Envaya, is now one of THE best portable speakers on the market. Oh, and don’t worry about re-pairing your phone to the speaker as it memorizes everyones device that it links up with.

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Stay tuned as it’s making its way to the US for $199.99

Mr. Slim – Blueberries

Mr. Slim, aka Jake Calland, is a producer whom hails from the UK. Just a few days ago the producer dropped the tune “Blueberries” and is it ever sweet. With heavy blues/soul influenced throughout the track, it makes for one smooth track to bump in the AM drive around the city. If these chillin’ laidback beats are for you, definitely give his self titled EP Mr. Slim a listen. It isn’t hard to tell that this entire album is heavily influenced by Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, and even some Acid Jazz.

Hyde+Hyde – Silver House

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Last week, we featured a home from UK’s Hyde+Hyde architects and felt yet again they deserve some more recognition. The “Silver House” has some all around genius built into it. The home features a sound recording studio in the basement as natural light perfectly reflects off of the pool which surrounds it. This is one among many  features this home as.

Hyde+Hyde – ‘House for a Photographer’

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This modest residential home was built by the designers Hyde+Hyde, whom are emerging architects out of the UK. This home is built to serve as an efficient and aesthetically pleasing unit. This is one of many of their uniquely built homes. For more visit the link above.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Jaako recently released his EP, Dreamzone, in the later parts of 2013 and is finally getting the recognition for his work. Jaakko, is a  Finish musician whom delivers a one of a kind dream-pop styled music, which by the sounds of it, he may have a hit record. The producer/songwriter possesses realness to his music with his spiritual funky vibes. This can especially be heard in both tracks. Make sure to take a listen, and keep your eyes and ears out for Jaakko Eino Kalevi.