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Tyler The Creator & Mikey123xyz’s “Cherry Bomb” Documentary

Tyler The Creator’s album, Cherry Bomb, was yet another signal that the young artist is indeed one of hip hop’s most creative and dynamic. Whether it’s music, fashion, acting, or directing, Tyler has certainly established himself across a variety of mediums. His latest work comes in collaboration with Mikey123xyz, a California based clothing designer and director. Mikey documented Tyler during the process of finalizing Cherry Bomb and the road to it’s release. An interesting behind the scenes look, you can view the documentary in it’s entirety above.

Golf Wang Fashion Show w/ Tyler The Creator

Last Saturday, Tyler The Creator held the first ever GOLF WANG fashion show out in L.A and it looked amazing. The night opened with a brief skit before jumping right into the runway section. The sheer amount of clothing on display is dizzying and Tyler did a great job of presenting everything in a unique way. The event culminated with Tyler performing a new record, but not before promising everyone in attendance a pair of his new shoes. Check out the video above and make sure to press play on “My Ego” below.

A$AP Rocky & Tyler The Creator Tour w/ Danny Brown & Vince Staples

A$AP Creator

This year’s summer has been jam packed with awesome events in both Chicago and Minneapolis, but with the fall right around the corner; (gasp) tour season is about to be in full effect. A$AP Rocky & Tyler The Creator took to the web today to announce their “Rocky & Tyler” tour that will span the U.S., including a stop in Chicago; this fall. The tour will also include Danny Brown and Vince Staples making for what could end up as one of the best shows of the year. No concrete details yet regarding openers but tickets are slated to go on sale Friday, August 7th. Some tour dates are still TBA, click the link below to check out the booked dates.

Rocky and Tyler Tour

Adam DeGross Captures Soundset 2014

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After winning 2013’s “Best Concert Photographer” award, Adam DeGross continues doing what he does best. As we all know, Soundset 2014 was fuckin awesome. Amidst the drinks, blunts and whatever else people were taking; it’s great to have photographers like Adam who completely capture the best moments. For most the day was a blur, but thanks to Adam DeGross’ amazing work, you can relive the festival forever. Above you’ll see the likes of 2 Chains, Wiz Khalifa, Earl Sweatshirt, Prof and Nas among others. Click the link below for the full album.

Adam DeGross Capture Soundset

Nardwuar vs Odd Future

As we inch closer and closer to Soundset 2014, we’ve decided to throw up the third Nardwuar interview. This one features Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats during 2011’s SXSW Music Festival. This is almost like a match made in heaven, over enthusiastic interviewer with cool props vs rambunctious newly famed kids. Check out the interview above and stay tuned for the next one.