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MTV Awards Debuts Latest Trailer For Stephen King’s ‘It’

Audiences received a horrifying treat this week at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards. The latest trailer for director Andres Muschietti’s new adaptation of author Stephen King’s infamous fright novel, It premiered at the ceremony. Taking place in the small town of Derry, Maine, It begins when several local children begin disappearing, leaving only gruesome evidence behind. As the townspeople continue to be terrorized by the strange occurrences, a group of local kids decide to join forces after realizing the culprit of the events is a demonic, evil clown called Pennywise. Fearing for their lives (and those of the entire town), they vow to hunt down and kill the nameless demon. Continue reading

Check Out The New Trailer For The Upcoming ‘Ghostbusters’ Remake

After months of anticipation, we finally have a new trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters remake with actresses Melissa McCarthy (Spy, The Heat), Kristen Wiig (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Martian), Kate McKinnon (Ted 2, Sisters), and Leslie Jones (Saturday Night Live, Trainwreck). The new movie is written and directed by Paul Feig (The Office, Bridesmaids) with co-writer Katie Dippold (MADtV, Parks and Recreation), and takes place 30 years after the original films, when a new group of unlikely heros steps up to save New York from paranormal forces. Original Ghostbusters stars Bill Murray (Caddyshack, Stripes), Dan Aykroyd (The Blues Brothers, Tommy Boy), Ernie Hudson (The Crow, Miss Congeniality), Sigourney Weaver (Alien, Avatar), and Annie Potts (Pretty in Pink, Toy Story) are also expected to appear alongside the movie’s supporting cast, which includes Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers), Elizabeth Perkins (Big, Weeds), Andy Garcia (The Godfather Part 3, Ocean’s Eleven), and Michael Kenneth Williams (12 Years A Slave, Inherent Vice). The movie won’t be in theaters until this July, but the trailer is available here on MADE. Enjoy!

Watch The New Trailer For ‘Pixels’ With Adam Sandler And Kevin James

You’ve probably started to see TV-spots for the upcoming comedy Pixels with Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy) and Kevin James (The King of Queens, Grown-Ups) on your flat-screens. We first caught wind of this project about a year ago when it was announced that Michelle Monaghan (Eagle Eye, True Detective) and Peter Dinklage (The Station Agent, Game of Thrones) would also be joining the cast, and with the movie still scheduled to open in theaters this July 24th, the crew is now full-swing in post production. Harry Potter and Home Alone director Chris Columbus is leading the project with a script from Timothy Dowling (Just Go With It, This Means War) and Tim Herlihy (Mr. Deeds, Grown-Ups 2), written from a short by Patrick Jean. If you’ve seen the TV-spots then you get the premise: video-game heros like Donkey Kong and Pac Man come to Earth as an alien species and begin to go “Godzilla” on the human race. Pretty hilarious idea; so much so that I think it may actually be worth seeing in theaters. Enjoy!

Porn & Chicken TV: Das Boot Banger (Recap)

Last Monday (6th), the Porn & Chicken crew once again threw down a banger at the Evil Olive. Oktoberfest themed, the party drew a big crowd making for a pretty wild night. As Halloween gets closer, these will only get better, check out the madness above and keep an eye out for next Monday’s event.

State of Colorado – Anti Marijuana Ad

Just incase you you didn’t know this existed, the state of Colorado is now launching a campaign against driving while stoned. This hilarious commercial “accurately” shows the effects of Marijuana. According to CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation), one is autistic after smoking a joint or two. Keep it up Colorado, these videos are going viral.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Reminder – Airing a Second Time Tonight @ 9pm CST  – NatGeo

Yesterday, the rebirth of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos aired live on Fox. We will be biased by saying, this is one of the only shows you should watch on television. We never post about shows, TV, or any of that. This show is for real and it needs the support of others for it to further exist.

If you are not familiar with the original series, YouTube or Netflix it, or feel free to start fresh tonight and learn about our existence as beings. It’s healthy, trust us. The show aims to educate the importance of learning what is outside of our solar system, that being, what is our existence and why do we exist?

Episode 2 – Next Sunday 03-16-2014 @ 8pm CST

Stream The Full Episode In HD Free

Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson

This epic trailer was just released for the upcoming series, Cosmos, which will air March 9th. The series is a continuation of the great astronomer, Carl Sagen’s Cosmos, which is one of the greatest series to ever be made. If you are not familiar with the series, go onto Netflix and start watching and learn about some real deep scientific facts about our existence. . . I  mean it’s deeper than deep.  Lets just hope this series sticks to its roots and isn’t a flop.

Fresh Off The Boat w/ Eddie Huang: Moscow (Part 2)

In part 2 of Fresh Off The Boat Moscow, Eddie recovers from a massive hangover (part 1) with a couple of Russia’s favorite cures. Once back at 100%, the crew takes a trip to the All-Russia Exhibition Centre to check out a preserved piece of the USSR; ending the day around a bomb looking plate of “Plov” (Russian Rice Pilaf). Check out the video above and keep an eye out for part 3.

Noisey Presents: Welcome to Chiraq Ep 1

Vice’s music department Noisey, recently released the first episode in a new 8 part documentary titled “Welcome to Chiraq”. In the first episode, the guys head to Englewood (64th & Normal) to talk to Young Chop about his roll in the Drill scene and his thoughts regarding the city of Chicago. Later in the episode, Lil Reese & Lil Durk expand on the culture and the current violence plaguing the south side. Peep the clip above and stay tuned for part 2.

Fresh Off The Boat w/ Eddie Huang: The Bay (Part 3)

For the finale of Fresh Off The Boat’s Bay Area episode, Eddie Huang takes us to “Little Manila” for some Filipino food. After maxing some chicken adobo, Eddie cruises across San Fran for the best burrito in the city. Peep the final episode below and stay tuned for part 1 of the Moscow trip next.