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Bounce Below – Giant Underground Trampolines

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So apparently this is a thing…trampolines buried in caves with a bunch of trippy lights. These giant suspended trampolines are in located in the Llechwedd caverns in Wales. The exhibit is built for adults and children at a reasonable price, being just over $25. This shit looks crazy, and to top it off you get to take a giant 60 foot slide back down.


20syl – Kodama

The French producer 20syl  from C2C and Hocus Pocus, put out this video for his record “Kodoma”. The video features some swift editing while 20syl mixes “Kodama” from a variety of instruments, including some keyboards, beatpads and even a rubik’s cube. This record is heavily influenced from hip-hop and jazz, as well some some new age electro-hop. Make sure sure to peep this video from 20syl, as it brings something fresh to our rainy week ahead.

DGT Architects – Light Is Time

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We’re not going to lie, it isn’t like we are ever out in Milan very often (or ever). What matters is that the guys from DGT Architects have designed an amazing installation for the Citizen Watch Company. The installation consists of 80,000 lit up watch based-plates at Milan’s La Triennale Design Museum in Italy. The spacy exhibit is absolutely insane and looks as if it is straight from a sci fi movie.

Miguel Chavalier Digitalizes The Natural World

The French artist, Miguel Chavalier, has created an amazing amazing interacting digital art exhibit. His exhibit focuses on taking natural elements such as flowers and reinterpreting and creating a whole new universe within the art museum in a new metaphorical way. Lets just say it’s damn trippy. Right now the exhibit is on display at the Museum of Modern Art of Céret in France. Each piece is said to interact with the visitors as they move in the space in which surrounds them. Overall, this seems very aesthetically pleasing and I hope the man brings some of his work to the midwest.




Looking for music that is different, I mean different altogether? Mush, aka Zachary Hopkins, has sought out to change the way we perceive and hear music. With all of his music being instrumental and experimental at best, each song tells a rather unique story through unorthodox sounds spliced and mixed together. While he has a vairety of songs and videos, this one is one of our personal favorites. For more from the Louisville producer, visit the link below.


Wang Yuyang Breathing Series

wang yuyang breathing series - finance department at art basel in miami beach


[Images Courtesy of Design Boom]

Wang’s Breathing Series, entitled, “Finance Department,” is now on display in the Miami Art Basel in Miami Beach. The offices on display are remakes of those commonly found in Beijing, the only difference, is that they are breathing. As if it is onset of mushrooms, the objects appear to be living and breathing. Wang wanted to show how after many hours of working with objects, they appear to have sucked life out of workers. Trippy.


Chance the Rapper – Everybody’s Something

Chance just released his latest video Everybody’s Something. The video once again brings a abstract-trippy look into Chance’s rhymes. We see a few clips from some of the older vids from a while back, with glimpses of Chicago, and other images in the background.  Overall the visuals are pretty dope, peep the video above.  Oh, and RIP JDILLA.

Juicy J – Everyday Life Episode 2

Juicy J continues the Stay Trippy tour with episode 2 of his Everyday Life video series. Ride with Juicy as he gets in the booth and hits up 106 & Park to promote his upcoming album “Stay Trippy”. Stay tuned for more as the series continues, “Stay Trippy” is due in stores August 27th.

Juicy J: Every Day Life Episode 1

Juicy J recently wrapped up his “Stay Trippy” tour which was meant to promote his upcoming album appropriately titled “Stay Trippy”. Juicy hits the ground running with a brand new vlog series, follow him as he travels to New York, Memphis and more getting down everywhere him and the gang go.