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The Fourth Phase (Trailer)

We know you probably don’t want to see any snow just quite yet, but this video is amazing. Red Bull recently dropped the trailer for their upcoming snowboarding film, The Fourth Phase. From the back hills of Wyoming to some of Asia’s enormous peaks, the visual showcases stunning scenery. Check it out for yourself above and stay tuned for more.

VICELAND: F*uck, That’s Delicious (Trailer)

With Vice preparing to launch their new television network, VICELAND, the multi-facted conglomerate has began previewing some of their upcoming programs. Of all the awesomeness that they’ve been teasing lately, Action Bronson’s show, F*ck That’s Delicious, sits near the top of the list for us. Fans of his Vice powered Youtube series will be happy to see that things don’t look like they’ve changed all that much; just good food, good rhymes and world travel with Bronsollinio and crew. Check out the trailer above and keep an eye out for more from VICELAND.

Acura NSX Sneak Peak

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One of the most overlooked cars in the 90s definitely has to be the Acura NSX, particularly the ’95, ’97, and ’01 models. When production started, retail sat at about $60K, and prices reached as high as 90K when they were discontinued in 2005. Now a days, you can pick up a decent NSX for around 25K, but Acura plans to make another run in 2015. The all new NSX will be unveiled at Detroit’s Auto Show in January, marking Acura’s return to the top tier market.

Grand Theft Auto V Online “Heists” (Trailer)

The good guys over at Rockstar Games continue to expand upon Grand Theft Auto V’s game play with yet another new installment. This time, the gaming giant will provide a new downloadable pack featuring the ever popular heists. A lot of gamers have been complaining about the lack of heists in the online mode, so it’s good to know that their wishes wont go in vain. This new pack will enable players to make a lot more money than previously offered, making for a much more comfortable online living. Check out the trailer above and be on the look out for more updates.

Romare – ‘Projections’ Trailer

The UK producer released a teaser trailer to his debut album, Projections, where he showcases his collage skills (hence Romare). Romare recently signed with Ninja Tune Records, where he has marked February 23rd as his debut record release.

Abstract, one of a kind, experimental – call it what you want, but Romare continues to take electronic house music to a new level. With simplistic rhythms similar to those used in the early 2000’s, Romare leaves his mark on everything he touches – whether it’s unique instrumentation, catchy melodies or groovy bass lines, the guy continues to keep everyone’s attention. Romare has already made quite a name for himself, as he continues to play regularly in the UK. Make sure to stay locked for more.

The $hoots Collective x Lanzo “DANK” EP

A few weeks back, Chicago’s $hoots Collective dropped an EP titled DANK. We hadn’t heard of these dudes before receiving their debut effort, but our interests were quickly peaked. Featuring 20 Gramz, Riki Starr, Bj Da Balla, Weezy Taylor and Yuru Jacquel, the $hoots Collective contain that gritty, street ready sound fused with heavy doses of Mary Jane. With a span of only 4 tracks, DANK definitely leaves you wondering what’s next from the Collective, check out the EP above and keep an eye out for more.

Grand Theft Auto V: First Person Experience

As Grand Theft Auto V’s next generation release draws closer, Rockstar Games has dropped a trailer featuring unexpected new gameplay. For the first time ever, players will be able to navigate Grand Theft Auto’s simulated cities in first person. NO, not just in your car, you’ll actually be able to walk, shoot, drive and everything else from the first person view, making for a more engaging experience. Take a look at the trailer above for yourself and be on the look out for GTA V for XBOX One & PS4 November 18th (PC Jan24th).

Ray LaCrooks – Far They (Intro Trailer)

Ray LaCrooks recently took to the internet to release a trailer for his upcoming short film. Based off his previous release Too Soon To Tell, Ray is looking to get people a visual perspective of the EP. Short, yet visually stimulating, the trailer gives a small glimpse of what’s next to come. Check it out above and stay tuned for more from Ray LaCrooks.

Fuck, That’s Delicious w/ Action Bronson: On The Bayou! (Trailer)

Action Bronson’s Vice powered web-series “Fuck, That’s Delicious” will continue this Wednesday, October 1st. This time, the Queens native heads down to New Orleans for a look at what the city’s nightlife & food scenes have to offer. Peep the trailer for episode 5 above and keep an eye out for the full episode this Wednesday.