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VICELAND x Thrasher: King of The Road (Ep.1)


The boys from VICELAND and Thrasher are finally ready to roll out King of The Road 2015. This year’s contest will feature Birdhouse, Toy Machine, and Chocolate; 3 well equipped teams who each have pretty storied histories. In episode 1, King of The Road’s creator Michael Burnett, gives a little history lesson while reminiscing on previous years. A good time no doubt, click the link below to check out the 1st installment via VICELAND’s official website.

VICELAND x Thrasher: “King of The Road ep.1

VICELAND x Thrasher: “King of The Road” Trailer

VICE recently announced that they will be picking up Thrasher’s “King of The Road” series for their new VICELAND channel. For those that don’t know, Thrasher Magazine has thrown their “King of The Road” competition annually since 2003, along the way a plethora of stars have tried their hand at the cash prize & glory. The competition revolves around a point A to B journey across America, each team is given a manual that contains tasks to complete as well as tricks to complete, each of these tasks/tricks having a point value. Birdhouse, Chocolate, and Toy Machine will be this year’s competing teams, all have housed legendary skaters throughout the years. Hopefully it stays true and doesn’t get to gimmicky for TVs sake, check out the trailer above and keep an eye out for episode 1.

The Fucking Best Show Ever 2 w/ P.O.S, HO9909 & Saba


Location: 835 E Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis
When: Saturday, June 13th // 3:30PM –

Minneapolis is looking like the place to be this summer. With May already in the books as great, June is also shaping up to be yet another epic month. The good people over at Nike SB & Familia Skateshop have sponsored this year’s, “The Fucking Best Show Ever”, curated by P.O.S & Greenroom Magazine. Just like last year, “The Fucking Best Show Ever” looks to live up to it’s name with a lineup that might be one of the year’s best. The event will feature performances from P.O.S, Big Freedia, HO9909, Marijuana Deathsquads, Saba, Psymun, and Denitia & Sene as well as DJ sets from DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip and Ander Other. If that wasn’t enough, Thrasher and Diamond Supply are sponsoring a best trick contest for the skaters who think that have what it takes to win it all. At $15, this all ages event has a little something for everyone, click the ink below to grab your tickets before they sell out.

The Fucking Best Show Ever

Jake Donnelly “Buffalo’s Finest”

Jake Donnelly shreds, so much so that Thrasher, Adidas and REAL Skateboards have put together a clip for him properly titled “Buffalo’s Finest”. Jake’s style is pretty icey as he shows that he can hit up pretty much anything on his board. Check out the clip and peep 2:21, Jake FS Smiths the rail at SMITH Triangle Park in Uptown, how fitting.

Thrasher Presents: James Capps’ “Seeking Know1edge” Part

Thrasher recently released the individual parts from Seeking Know1edge, and James Capps absolutely murders his. Hong Kong based clothing brand Know1edge caught up with Capps and the above video is the result. From the Bay to beyond, check out James’ part above and be on the look out for more.

RIP Lewis Marnell – Thrasher Tribute Video

This humbling video features some shorts from Lewis’ time skateboarding, but more importantly it highlights just how great of a person Lewis was. While most may know him as an amazing skater, not many really understood his impact on a much deeper level within the skating community.

The video recollects and features brief interviews with Rodney Mullen, Daewon, WIllow and more. It has been just over a year since the world lost Lewis, and Thrasher put together a great video to remember him.

Bastien Salabanzi’s Lost Footage

Photographer Ewan Bowman and Thrasher Magazine put together this incredible video featuring Bastien Salabanzi. He is definitely one of the best street skaters to ever step foot on this planet, and this is easily arguable in this video. The kid can throw a cab flip damn near everywhere he goes, as he simply stuns. . . so give him the crown. Check out this latest video from Bastien’s ‘lost footage,’ it definitely won’t disappoint.