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[MADE] Brew of the Week

Brewwz (1 of 2) copy

This weeks beer goes out to Surly’s ninth anniversary release, appropriately titled NEIN. The Imperial Smoked Dunkelweizen was inspired by Surly’s head brewer, Todd Haug’s trip to Bamberg, Germany. The bottle, which you may recognize, also features the familiar Erica Williams intricate artwork.

I’m not one to over hype, but this beer is absolutely a must try. This might possibly be my personal favorite from the highly sought after brewery. Brewed using hefeweizen yeasts and oak-smoked wheat – this beer evolves with every sip. You might taste cocoa, vanilla, banana, and smokey wood, to name a few. This beer is insanely complex, yet so balanced. Seriously, sitting at 10%ABV, I could hardly taste a drop of alcohol. If you come across one sitting on the shelf, please do yourself a favor and purchase a bottle and enjoy.

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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We are back at it with a new Brew of the week. This brew featured above, might possibly be one of the best imperial stouts around. Bell’s Brewery has released a limited amount of their 30th Anniversary Ale’s, which is an Imperial Stout. This brew is modeled after their Expedition Stout, which is an ode the brewery’s 30th birthday.

After pouring into a glass, I couldn’t help but notice the thick motor oil color of this one. As you can see, absolutely no light shines through. With little to no head, the 30th anniversary ale was ready to drink on the spot. The brew had flavors of fruits and dark chocolate, with nicely roasted malts – all while sitting at a solid 11% ABV. For a brew this strong, it was as smooth as ever. After recently having the 2015 edition of Surly’s beloved Darkness – I firmly believe Bell’s has a better beer on their hands. If you come across a six pack of these, they are a must try. Enjoy!

[MADE] Brew of the Week

Lagunitas Brown Shugga’
This beer is no surprise, as it has been around for a few years now. Lagunitas has some of the most remarkable beers around, and they constantly do things their way. One of  their highly sought after brews that they continue to pump out during the winter season, is their Brown Shugga’ American Strong Ale.

First off, do not let the price tag fool you ($9.99 a six pack), because these beers are pushing 10% ABV. Literally two beers in, am I am feeling warm and buzzin’ heavy. For real, don’t sleep on this beer if you have been. Each sip brings sweet carmel malt flavors packed with heavy fruit hops – this brew is velvety smooth, leaving me wanting every last drop. If you’re into hops, this beer doesn’t disappoint. Did we mention this one’s seasonal? Yes, and this is why Lagunitas continues to be different, releasing a sweet and hoppy, yet powerful brew for the winter months – instead of a porter or stout.

By: KVogz

[MADE] Brews of the Week

Moving Parts The Ever Evolving IPA: Batch No. 4

CanoeMN (13 of 34) copyVictory Brewery has been consistently making some of the best beers in the U.S. Just this past weekend, I was gifted a bottle of one of their IPA’s – Moving Parts (The Ever-Evolving IPA) Batch No.4.

After loading up the canoe and riding out, it was time to crack open this unique IPA. Every four months, the guys from Victory decided to change things up by adding new ideas to put a twist on brews. With Batch.04, Victory added belgian yeast with mosaic and Madarina Hops. This brew has a lot going on – with fresh fruit and strong wheat flavors, it couldn’t of tasted better while on open waters. Sitting at a solid 7% ABV, Victory is one delicious brew. Make sure to grab a bomber if you come across one – it’s damn good.

Hell Hath No Fury Ale

CanoeMN (3 of 34) copyBy now, we should all know Bell’s brewery. One of Michigan’s finest brewery’s,  has released a delicious Dubbel styled ale. Hell Hath No Fury features some delicious characters to it, making for a well rounded brew.

Brewed with Abbey-styled yeasts and blending the flavors of roasted malts, chocolate and coffee. After pouring, let this one sit for a few minutes and open up. The brew tastes dark and fruity – yet offering deep chocolate undertones. After finishing a single bottle, I felt myself reaching for more. . . unfortunately it was the only one. If you are looking for a solid mid-fall brew, this one will do you well.

Fall Food Truck Rally 2014


Where: 3036 Minnehaha Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406
When: Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Today, Harriet Brewery will be holding their Fall Food Truck Rally. Last year we were in attendance, and it was definitely a good time despite the shitty weather. The festival is free to attend, and will feature live music and a plethora of food trucks to accommodate all the beer. This event is only one day a year and will be donating a portion of the proceeds to KFAI Radio. We highly suggest coming out to snag a some tasty brews and supporting local food, brews and talented artists.

Food Trucks

AZ Canteen, Café Race, Gastrotruck, Gogi Brothers, Hibachi Daruma, I Luv Coffee,
Moral Omnivore, Nate Dogs, Pepperjax Grill, Potter’s Pasties, Sandy’s Gril & Italian Ice
Sassy Spoon, She Royal, Simply Steves, Taste of Target Field
The MidNord, Empanda Truck, Tiki Tims and World Street Kitchen.

Live Music 

Jack Klatt & The Cat Swingers – 1pm
Doug Otto & The Getaways – 3pm
Everett Smithson Band – 5pm
Marry Cutrufello Band – 7pm
The Federales – 9pm

[MADE] Brews of the Week


If you like beer, well then, you are a fan of Duluth’s Bent Paddle Brewing Company because they make some of the best stuff in the state. As the craft brew scene finally seems to settle down from its initial boom, Bent Paddle continues to make themselves known to all the craft brew lovers in the state of Minnesota.

One of my personal favorites happens to be their Golden Hop IPA. The beer itself is loaded with a citrus hop presence with some grassy notes to it. Surprisingly, with the amount of hop flavor, it still has a light-medium body to it (hence golden IPA). After gulping down your first one, it is hard not to crack into a second or third. With a gold color, citrus hop flavor and a smooth dry finish — I recommend giving this one a try.


As Sierra Nevada continues to find ways to be leaders of innovation in the beer industry, they never let me down…ever. Recently, the brewery out of Chico, CA., released twelve new beers for their Beer Camp across America. In every new beer they made, they were able to making quite a variety of new brews: IPA’s, Stouts, Pale Ales, Pilsners, you name it.

One of the few that I’ve had to try on tap, happens to be their Pale Ale, Chico King. The beer is brewed with 3 Floyds brew pub out of Indiana. This pale ale is exactly what I come to look for when drinking this style of brew. The beer offers a lot of pine, orange hop flavors, with a nice mixture of malts (and maybe even carmel) tossed into it.  If you live in the Minneapolis area, Mckenzie’s downtown has this one available for a limited time. We strongly suggest snagging a pint while you can. Cheers!

[MADE] Brews of the Week


From my knowledge, this is the first Nebraska beer that I have ever tasted, and that’s why I want to show this brew some love. While Nebraska is mostly known for the cornhuskers or some shit, it turns out their beer isn’t that bad at all.

This IPA straight up has all the original qualities you would think of in an IPA. Upfront you taste the bitterness , followed by a wave of citrus malt undertones. Overall, it isn’t anything I would seek out at the liquor store; but at a nice 6% ABV, it is a very drinkable and well balanced IPA.


When I think of a West Coast IPA, this is the beer that now comes to mind. Left Coast Brewery out of San Clemente, CA, consistently puts out some of the best brews out west. This brew really tastes like a summer IPA and pairs well when siting poolside/beachside.

The tropical citrus flavored IPA smells and tastes fruity, but yet packs a solid bitter hop punch. Left Coast’s Trestles sits close to 7% ABV and its overall feel has a medium body; ultimately making for a near perfect West Coast IPA.

[MADE] Brews of the Week


As we get back into our regular schedule at MADE, we want to bring back our brews of the week. Not every week we have the supplies available to find new and refreshing choices, but this week we stumbled across a few notables.

The first brew featured is Sam Adams Blueberry Hill lager. The beer has received many positive and negative reviews, but we personally feel it’s a fruit beer done right. This crispy smooth lager fills the tongue with blueberry notes yet possessing a strong lager flavor. This is something that Sam Adams has done rather well with their flavored beers, such as the Cherry Wheat or the Blackberry Witbier. As you can see, this brew pours a nice amber color too, making for a light to medium bodied brew. Right now this beer can be found in the variety summer pack that is on sale for $13.99.


For the last 5 years or so, Stone has been releasing one of the finest Barley Wine’s around. The Old Guardian, is sold at a reasonable price of $7.99 for a bomber at select liquor stores. If you’re brave enough to stomach one bottle of this, you will definitely feel the full effects, as this one sits at 11% ABV.

After pouring this one into a glass, you can’t help but notice the dark amber color followed by the thick head on top. Like most Stone brews, you will immediately notice the piney-grapefruit hops, but then Old Guardian follows up with its sweet malt flavor. After letting this one sink in, you can’t help but notice the booziness starting to settle. This beer definitely has multiple delicious flavors going on at once. We are glad to have this special brew reach us in the upper Midwest, and strongly recommend getting a bottle or two.

[MADE] Brews of the Week


I am not sure why it has taken this long to try the beloved Deschutes Hop in The Dark. The American Black Ale is absolutely a must buy, and I hope that if you come across a bottle, purchase it.

This American Black Ale hits nearly every part of palate, as it is full of flavor. The beer itself sits at a nice 6.8% Alcohol by Vol, making for a medium body overall. Each sip serves the tongue with a mixture of fruits, citrus, chocolate and piney hop notes, giving it a bit of a surprising experience (but great). Cascade hops happen to be one of my personal favorites, and this could be why this one sits so well.


Oscura, is made from Wisconsin’s Furthermore Brewing Co. This beer and brewery are rather unique in general. Just a few days ago I picked up a single with the hopes of a coffee stout, but man was I way off.

The beer itself is brewed as a California Common/Steam beer. For those who don’t know, it is simply a American style lager which is often brewed with a specific lager yeast made for warmer temps. So, you can easily see why I was thrown off by assuming this coffee “lager” was a stout, because this is very uncommon. The overall texture and taste comes off like a normal brew, but yet finishes with a decently strong coffee flavor, which overrides much of the hop/malt flavors. This coffee lager is a one of a kind, and is done absolutely perfect. Keep your eyes open for a six pack, this brew is delicious.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

Boulevard’s Sixth Glass


If you follow the Brew of the Week posts, you may be familiar with our love for Boulevard Brewery in Kansas CIty by now. Perhaps it was because I lived there for sometime, or maybe it is the simple fact that these guys continuously release some of the best beer around.

The Sixth Glass, is a Quadrupel that will knock your socks off and have you snoozing before you know it. This brew is loaded with dark fruits, such as plums and raisins, all while being balanced with some caramel sweetness. The beer is very strong, sweet, and not very hoppy whatsoever. The Sixth Glass will have you feeling great anytime you drink it, as it sits at a whopping 10.5% Alc/Vol. You can find this one in either a 4-pack, or as a bomber for $10 each. . It is worth every last drop.

Batch #6 – CITRA Hopped Double IPA


You probably have never seen or tasted this home-brewed MADE affiliated beer, but we are putting the plug on this one for a number of reasons. Batch #6 is by far the best brew from the crew, and it certainly will be making rounds at parties and events this summer. Slightly illegal? Yes, but who the hell cares, it is real tasty and they are free. Everything above is in the works and is subject to change, but as their equipment continues to be upgraded, so is the production and accuracy that comes with the new tools.

This Citra based double IPA, is one that can be drank year round, especially in the warmer seasons that are approaching. Batch #6 is backed heavily with a trio of hops: Citra, Amarillo and Nugget hops, making for more of a sweet and florally DIPA. Sitting at a lower 8% Alc. by volume, this DIPA is smoother than a new Tesla as it hits the pallet nicely. Make sure to stay tuned as more changes are to come.