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[MADE] Brew of the Week

Two Brothers – Kick em’ in the Pilz

Two Brother’s Kick em in the Pilz, Imperial Pilsner Lager is one for the ages. The guys/gals out of Aurora, Il., have themselves possibly one of the finest pilsners that i’ve had to date. I mean, when you think of pilsners, there is minimal flavor – not in this bad boy, it will kick your palate hard.

This particular brew, has only been made once in limited amounts. I am happy to have had a chance to be gifted a bottle of this, as I wish there was more to go around. This brew pours a strong golden color, and sits at a solid 7.5% ABV. The beer has a classic fresh pilsner taste upfront followed by an orange zest and slightly sweet flavors to it. This is remarkable, as each sip is crisp and refreshing. IF you find a bottle, make sure to pick one up – it’s damn good and will get you lit.

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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Back to back weeks we are giving out the Brew of the Week to our local friends to the North. This time, it goes out to Bent Paddle for their Lollygagger Pale Ale.

The Lollygagger Pale is a true brew for the summer time chillin’. Brewed out of Duluth, MN., this is definitely a solid pale ale all around. Brewed with Amarillo, Simcoe, Centennial and Cascade hops – this pale ale has a complex hop flavor to it. With a signature blend of grapefruits and pine, Lollygagger does not disappoint. If I were to describe this one with one word, it would be crisp. 

35th Annual Taste of Chicago Celebration Opens Today in Grant Park

Location: Grant Park, Chicago
Time: 11am-9pm Wednesday-Friday, 10am-9pm Saturday/Sunday
Admission: FREE!! (Food tickets must be purchased inside park)

Today marks the opening of the 35th Annual Taste of Chicago in Grant Park. The feast will run for 5 days (July 8th-12th) and features local Chicago favorites from 60 different vendors, including 5 food trucks and 8 pop-up restaurants. Several special events, including a 3-course meal at Buckingham Fountain and seating to see Weezer (who his headlining tonight) must be purchased online in-advance. Other music acts that will be appearing include The Chieftains, Spoon, and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. This year’s vendors that will be participating at the event all 5 days include Billy Goat Tavern & Grill, Chicago’s Dog House, Kasia’s Deli, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, Miller’s Pub, and Robinson’s No. 1 Ribs, among many others. So if you are in Chicago be sure to keep the Taste in mind for this weekend! A full list of vendors and entertainment acts can be found at the link below. Enjoy!

Taste of Chicago 2015

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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Bauhaus brew labs has quickly become a staple brewery in Minneapolis. Whether it’s free arcade games, their gigantic patio, live music or beer – they find a way to entertain.

Just recently, the guys/gals from Bauhaus released a seasonal Belgian Pale Ale. The brew pours a strong golden color and possesses a whirlwind of flavors. With sweeter notes from a Belgian style brew to the citrus hops of a pale ale, you have yourself one hell of a summer seasonal beer. Lighter in alcohol (5% abv) and loaded with flavor, you simply cannot go wrong with this brew on a hot day.

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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Hop Nosh IPA by Uinta Brewing Company, out of Utah, makes some delicious brews. Roughly a year ago, I snagged a pint of this brew and had completely forgot about it until recently. You can find six packs at better liquor stores in the midwest for $9.99, which is considerably reasonable.

After pouring this beer, it was immediate how present the floral hops were in this one. With a darker amber gold color and a solid head to it, Hop Nosh has quite the presence to it. The brew is out of this world refreshing, loaded with sweet citrus hops, with a creamy smooth texture to it. Sitting at a whopping 7.3% ABV, you really do get some bang for your buck on this brew. This beer is easily comparable to a west coast style IPA, as it is loaded with sweeter orange/tangy notes. Hop Nosh is a helluva beer, and in my eyes a must try.

[MADE] Brews of the Week

While being in LA last week, I was introduced to some phenomenal beers. This IPA, by San Diego’s Ale Smith Brewery, is the 3rd brew out of the 4 that were absolute standouts while visiting. *In case you missed last week’s click here

This IPA by Ale Smith Brewery captured my attention with its simplistic label, while just sitting there on the shelf. After popping open a bomber style bottle, I immediately knew I was in for a real treat. This light gold color brew smells/tastes incredible. The brew offers a variety of sweet pineapple/mango notes with a light bitterness to it. Now when I think of drinking outdoors in sunny California, this brew will forever come to mind. Go tell your local liquor store to order it, because it is that good.

The fourth and final installment for our LA favorites is Firestone’s Union Jack IPA. Just like Ale Smith Brewery’s, this is not an IPA to just “skip-out on”. Both of these brews have rather similar attributes, as both are made to perfection.

This West Coast IPA is literally the sweet nectar of WC IPA’s. With a strong golden color, backed with a strong grapefruit taste, you can tell this bad boy has been dry hopped multiple times. Overall, this beer is as balanced as one can get. This is another beer that should be on the top of your must try IPA’s, guaranteed satisfaction.

[MADE] Brews of The Week

Whether you are an IPA lover or not, this beer has the ability to quench your thirst. Deschutes has once again put together an absolute mouthwatering version of the Fresh Squeeze IPA. The best part about this brew, it is now offered year round as opposed to seasonally.

One can’t help but notice how flavorful and fruity the beer is. A majority of IPAs are rather bitter with a stronger finish. You might taste mango, pineapple or even oranges, all in one swig of this brew. Overall, it has quite a clean finish, all while sitting just above 6% ABV. This beer is an instant favorite and will probably see more sales once Spring and Summer are full effect.

Sierra Nevada recently released their 4-Way IPA variety pack. Out of the four, this beer happens to be one of our favorites. Although it is damn near a four-way tie, this beer is flat out smooth for a Black IPA.

With an even mixture of roasted malts and hops, the beer is really not overwhelming at all. It tastes nothing like any other Black IPA that I have ever had before. This is something fresh and smooth that you could drink year round, unlike most Black IPAs. So far the only way we have been able to find the beer, is in the variety pack that we noted above. I would definitely grab a sixer if it was available.

“The Sound of Taste” by Schwartz

British food company Schwartz recently put out a pretty dope ad for their line of “Flavour Shots” products. The spices in the above video are timed to explode as the music plays creating a cool visual. Check out the clip and stay tuned for more.

Taste of Lakeview


Location: 3200-3400 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

When: Saturday: Noon-10PM, Sunday: Noon-9PM

The Taste of Lakeview festival will be taking place this coming weekend in preparation for the internationally known Taste of Chicago. The fest will take place on Lincoln Avenue and will feature live music, beer tents, crafts and goods from local artisans and tons of food vendors from local restaurants. Tastes’ are definitely one of the best types of festivals so if you don’t have anything better to do, stop by; it should be a good time.