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James Franco And Seth Rogen’s New Comedy ‘The Interview’ Opens Christmas Day

The upcoming comedy, The Interview, with James Franco and Seth Rogen has already stirred-up plenty of controversy before it’s even reached it’s release date. North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, went so far as to declare the movie’s public release an “act of war,” and a group of hackers called the Guardians of Peace have released several Sony Pictures corporate documents that they attained after hacking the company’s computer database last month in an effort to stop the release. But thus far Sony has given no public statement saying that they will pull the film from theaters, so as far as we all know, it is still scheduled for release this Christmas Day. The plot of the movie revolves around a pair of reporters who are recruited by the CIA to infiltrate North Korea under the guise of interviewing Kim Jong Un, and then assassinate Un at their first opportunity. Seth Rogen co-directed the movie with Evan Goldberg (This Is The End, Neighbors), and the film also stars Lizzy Caplan (127 Hours, Hot Tub Time Machine) and Randall Park (Dinner For Schmucks, Sex Tape). Screenwriter Dan Sterling (The Sarah Silverman Project, The Office) wrote the screenplay with Rogen and Goldberg. You can watch the trailer here on MADE, and if going to the movies on Christmas Day is a family thing (or just your thing!) then by all means, go and see it this December 25th.

Niles Miller – Bright Future (Mixtape)

Bright Future

Tomorrow, Niles Miller will be LIVE at Cause on Lake & Lyndale so it’s only right that we throw up his last project. If you don’t already know, Bright Future dropped at the tail end of August and featured production from the likes of Chase N Cashe, J.R. Patton, Jimmy V & Rich Lee among others. This was definitely one of the more solid projects that came out of Minneapolis in 2013, check it out above and make sure to catch Niles LIVE at Cause tomorrow.

Cody DeCamry – High Life (Video)

We posted this video awhile back but I like it so much that I decided to throw it up again. The homie Cody DeCamry just celebrated a birthday so we decided to post one of his best (our opinion). Set in the party filled, drugged induced 80s; the video is dope with plenty of room for comedy. Take a look at the video and stay tuned for more.

Video Dir By: Get Live Studios

C.M.J – Tie-Dye Sky

Fresh off of his “Domestic Abuse Awareness” event that went down last week at the Triple Rock, Chris Michael Jensen (C.M.J) sent us a video from off of his latest project. The video is entitled “Tie-Dye Sky” and depicts some oddly colorful scenes throughout. If you haven’t peeped the video yet, check it out above; click the link below to check out “The Chris Tape Vol. 2” and stay tuned for more.


Mouse Sucks – Yvette of The Debbies

Lacey's Forehead

A few days ago we received a submission from Canadian artist Mouse Sucks with some ummmm….interesting cover art. The track is titled “Yvette of The Debbies”, with a dope ass beat and unique sound I felt it was only right to throw it up. As an artist who seems to still be coming into their craft I’m definitely eager to hear what Mouse has up his sleeve next. For now, peep the track below and let us know what you think.

Twitter: @MouseSucks
Mouse Sucks SoundCloud

Oreo Jones & DMA – “Highway Hypnosis” Release Show w/ Show You Suck


Tonight Rad Summer will be presenting DMA & Oreo Jones’ release party/show for their mixtape “Highway Hypnosis”. The show’s going down at Indianapolis’ White Rabbit and doors will open at 9PM. Chicago spitter Show You Suck will also be taking the stage so if you’re in Indy, or if you’re willing to speed down there from the Chi; get on down there and check out some dope raps.

Black Dave – “Black Bart” (Trailer)

It seems Black Dave is back at it again as a new trailer for his upcoming mix tape “Black Bart” has surfaced. The title is pretty fitting as Dave is also one of New York City’s rising skaters, take a look at the video above as Dave skates like the wind to his next single “Million Man March”.

Auggie The 9th – Gaws (Artwork)


Auggie the 9th has released the cover artwork for his upcoming project entitled “Gaws”. Auggie’s been putting in a lot of work lately, whether it’s killing his own shows or joining Show You Suck on stage as his hypeman; it always seems to be a good time. Keep an eye out for the L.O.D guys and stay tuned for more from Auggie as the release date nears.

Jugrnaut Presents: Caleb James

For the 3rd episode of their weekly interview series, the good guys at Jugrnaut decided to catch up with up and coming Chicago rapper Caleb James of Save Money. Caleb and the Save Money kids have been making a ton of noise lately with Chance the Rapper leading the pack, check out the video above to get a little more insight into “The Jones” and what Caleb and Save Money have in store next.

Rio – Trying To Be Human (Album Trailer)

The kid Rio is preparing to drop his upcoming album entitled “Trying To Be Human” and today we have the trailer for said album. The project will feature the likes of Sam Trump, Cody DeCamry and NVS just to name a few. Check out the visual above and make sure to stay tuned for more from Rio.

Check him out on Twitter: