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Catch This Week’s Limited Release Features In Your Local Listings

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening in theaters nationwide tomorrow, you can expect movie theaters to be jam-packed this weekend with old and new generation fans alike. There are, however, a number of smaller, independent projects coming out this weekend that we like to take the time to shine the spotlight on. The first is a new war drama titled Son of Saul (originally Saul fia) from writer/director Laszlo Nemes (The Counterpart, The Gentlemen Takes His Leave), which received excellent recognition at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Taking place in the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz, in 1944, the film follows a prisoner who attempts to find redemption by saving a boy he adopts as his son from the furnaces of the camp that he has been forced to subject many of his own people to. Starring in the film are actors Geza Rohrig, Levente Molnar (Morgen, Our Big Time), Urs Rechn (Eight Miles High, The King’s Surrender), and Todd Charmont (The Last of the Mohicans, Strangers). Continue reading

Vic Mensa: “Takes Over The INNANETAPE” by Jake Krzeczowski


I was once asked whether I would ever post articles directly from other media outlets, specifically blogs and magazines and i wasn’t quite sure how to answer the question. I’d never straight jack some one else’s material, but i feel that credit is definitely deserved when due. In this case we’re doing something we’ve never done before by making a post specifically for someone elses article/feature, this morning i woke up and read Jake Krez’ (for short) feature on Vic Mensa for Ruby Hornet and i was absolutely riveted (yes fucking riveted). Dude can write, although im sure he doesn’t need my validation so without further adieu; below is his article on one of Chicago’s rising stars: Vic Mensa.

Ruby Hornet: Vic Mensa Takes Over The INNANETAPE by Jake Krez