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Paco’s Tacos

Pacos Tacos
Pacos Tacos 2
Pacos Tacos 3

Location: 6034 S Pulaski Rd, Chicago
P: 773-582-4244
Hours: Sun-Thurs: 9AM-10PM, Fri-Sat: 8AM-10PM

Chicago literally has a thousand different taco stands and restaurants spread out across the city, from the North side to the South side you’d be hard pressed to go a couple miles with out seeing one. The fact that the taco scene is so saturated has taken a little away from the truly great taco joints that the city has to offer. We previously mentioned La Pasadita, but this time around we’re posting a southside restaurant; situated in Chicago’s West Lawn neighborhood, Paco’s Tacos is by far one of the CHIs top ten taco spots. The taco’s here are some of the largest that i’ve seen around the city, they literally stuff their steak tacos; usually leaving enough meet on your plate for another one. The only pitfall of this place is their operating hours, the West Lawn is far different (crime) than Wicker Park so it’s understandable; but it would still be nice to be able to stop in late. All in all, I think Paco’s easily stacks up to other, more well known places like La Pasadita, Taco Burrito King & Zaca’s; if you’re ever on the southwest side in need of grub look no further.

Lazy Ass Specialist – Tacos


Earlier this week, Lazy Ass Specialist dropped a new record entitled “Tacos”. At first listen you might assume he’s from the East Coast, but the kid actually hails from California. Produced by CStarCrusher, the key driven instrumental has that nostalgic sound which fits well with Specialist’s flow. Listen closely, Lazy packs a lot of content into his verses; check out the track below and be on the look out for more.

Lulu’s Food Truck – Minneapolis


For about a year now I have been hearing multiple people claim that Lulu’s is one of the top trucks to visit. What exactly is it that makes people crave their food? Well, if you don’t know, their food certainly stands out as one of the best around (now that I have had it first hand).

The bright multi colored truck, which can be spotted a few blocks away, features food as colorful as its vibrant paint job. Whether you like tacos, burgers, fries or crab cake, these guys put a great twist to these once generic food items. Whether it is the Cuban Chicken Tacos, Chicken Waffle Sandwich, or the variety of fish burgers they feature; it is all worth a try. One of my personal favorites is their Cuban Chicken Tacos, which features a hefty amount of corn and beans dowsed in a juicy flavorful chicken topped with a chipotle aioli. Hungry yet? Make sure to keep a look out for this one around town.