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This Week in Film History….


Director Sydney Lumet‘s 1973 undercover police drama Serpico earned Al Pacino his second Oscar nomination for Best Actor. While it was another in a long-running streak of Oscar nominations for Pacino that resulted in no wins until 1992’s Scent of a Woman, Serpico‘s other Oscar nomination was for Best Adapted Screenplay for screenwriters Waldo Salt (Midnight Cowboy, The Day of the Locust) and Norman Wexler (Saturday Night Fever, Staying Alive). Although Serpico proved to be the last Oscar-worthy project of Wexler’s, Waldo Salt had a much longer, and much darker story in Hollywood screenwriting history.

Waldo Salt was born on October 18, 1914 and grew up in Chicago an accomplished academic. He was so accomplished, in fact, that he graduated from Stanford University at the same time his friends were graduating from high school. Shortly thereafter, Salt was in Hollywood working as a screenwriter for MGM. There he worked on and assisted with various writing projects, but his first solo writing adaptation was with a 1937 film called The Bride Wore Red. The next year, Salt joined the American Communist Party, putting himself on the radar for the House Un-American Activities Committee during the Red Scare/McCarthy era 12 years later. Continue reading

ENTHEO – pulse


A few days ago, the Sydney based producer ENTHEO, dropped the track titled “pulse”. If you’re not familiar with the artist, ENTHEO produces abstract electronic music, which to say the least is quite addicting to sit back and listen to. This chill instrumental continuously changes from start to finish, making for a smooth 3mn journey.

『Drip Drop』- N.E.R.V. after hours


『Drip Drop』just released this single off of his EP MECHA DREAMS. Once again, we feature another artist out of Australia, as it seems they have quite the music scene around Sydney and Melbourne. The Japanese vocals with the percussion makes for one smooth beat by the producer. Press play and stay on the look out for MECHA DREAMS.