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Supa Bwe & Kembe X LIVE @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall

Supa Bwe

Location: 6 W 6th Street, Minneapolis
When: Sunday, September 11th @ 6:30PM

Both Chicago and the Twin Cities’s hip hop scenes have shared a nice amount of success over the last few years. As some of the more notable graduates like Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Allan Kingdom, and Finding Novyon gain footholds on higher ground, both metros have an entirely new crop of artists blowing up. Supa Bwe & Kembe X are two of Chicago’s best up and coming artists, the latter recently receiving a deal from Kendrick Lamar’s TDE record label. If you’re unfamiliar you should definitely dig into a few projects, this event has a low key feel but it is a must attend for anyone looking for a great hip hop performance. Lucien Parker will open up the night and DJAY Mando will hold down the 1s & 2s, this event is 18+ and tickets are on sale now for $15, click the link below to cop yours now.

Supa Bwe x Kembe X Tickets

Hurt Everybody “2K47”


Chicago has continued it’s upward trend in 2015 whether we’re talking Kanye West, Chance The Rapper or some of the fresher talent like Hurt Everybody, Saba, Mick Jenkins and Alex Wiley. One of the hardest trios in Chicago’s (national underground) hip hop scene keeps coming with heat at every turn. Made up of producer/MCs Supa Bwe, Carl and producer Mulatto, Hurt Everybody progresses with each new release setting a new precedence for the rest of the scene. Their most recent project 2K47 features some of the city’s most prominent up and comers in Mick Jenkins, Alex Wiley, Saba, Logan with a special appearance from the Chi-town legend Twista. A very well rounded project with everything from high energy club bangers to contemplative and rhythmic ballads, 2K47 has something for all hip hop lovers to enjoy. Peep the mixtape below and make sure to keep an eye out for more from Hurt Everybody.

Supa Bwe “Dead Again” EP

Supa Bwe recently dropped a new EP via Twitter for all of our listening pleasure. Titled, Dead Again, the 3 track EP is a glimpse at Supa’s current direction. As of late, the Chicago artist has been a lot quieter than we’ve grown accustomed to; it’s definitely nice to see he’s still at work. Each of these tracks contrast each other with a variety of sounds being used, the homie RIO even secures a feature on “MAJIN GUWOP.” Just enough to excite the ears, we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on Supa and the Hurt Everybody crew. Check out Dead Again above and be on the look out for more.

Hurt Everybody – 2K47 (Video)

With the anticipation building for their upcoming sophomore project, the guys from Hurt Everybody have decided to drop the video for “2K47.” A dark, murky record, Yakub Films does a good job of complimenting it with the visual. In just over a year’s time, Hurt Everybody has climbed passed the majority to become one of Chicago’s most promising up and comers. They’ve been pretty tight lipped about their upcoming project, but with their penchant for random, often sporadic releases; we wouldn’t be surprised if it drops soon. Peep the video above and stay tuned for more from Hurt Everybody.

Supa Bwe – About You (Surprise)


Chicago’s hip hop scene has continued upward since 2010-11 and 2015 looks no different. Among the many emerging artists and groups, Supa Bwe of Hurt Everybody & the Legion of Dudez, has been one of the most promising. Supa recently dropped a car rattling record titled, “About You,” his bravado speaks volumes as he commands the track. Well polished, “About You” feels like a step to the next level for Supa. With the summer right around the corner, it’ll be interesting to see what’s in store for Hurt Everybody. Check out the record below and be on the look out for more from Supa Bwe.

Supa Bwe – Pills On My Dresser Ft. SolarFive & The Boy Illinois


Supa Bwe took to Twitter a few days ago to release a new track titled, “Pills On My Dresser.” The record features an instrumental that could get anyone’s head bobbing, along with verses from SolarFive & The Boy Illinois. Supa and Hurt Everybody have been quieter than normal as of late, but that all might change with the release of Hurt Everybody’s sophomore album on the horizon. The CHI continues to churn out quality artists at a rate only second to Atlanta, it’s definitely going to be another good summer. Check out “Pills On My Dresser” below and be on the look out for more from Supa and Hurt Everybody.

Supa Bwe “Mausoleum” EP


Supa Bwe celebrated Valentine’s Day with the release of a new EP titled Mausoleum. Hurt Everybody has been quiet as of late, but Supa keeps the ball rolling with yet another good project. Features from Jaymz V, Blakkass Wesley, Cadillac Duke, and Mick Jenkins provide a “family affair” type atmosphere. The 7 track EP breezes by, just enough to tide us over until Hurt Everybody releases their sophomore project. Check out Mausoleum below and stay tuned for more from Supa Bwe & Hurt Everybody.

Tink LIVE @ NIU w/ Hurt Everybody


Location: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
When: Saturday, February 7th

Chicago’s own Tink will be live at NIU this weekend. The songstress will be joined by a few up and comers including, Hurt Everybody and Romiti; while the event will be hosted by Law Cannon & Hoop Dreams. The show is free for the NIU student body and the administration is being pretty tight lipped with information. If you’re dying to go, text “TinkatNIU” to 41411 for more information regarding ticket prices, location and the start time.

Hurt Everybody – 2K47


Hurt Everbody is back with yet another banger. Titled “2K47”, the record’s instrumental takes on a futuristic, almost Sci Phy like tone, complimenting Supa’s spastic flow well. The kid’s control and energy grows with each release, he knows exactly when to throw it all out there, while remaining reserved at other times. Carl’s (1st) somber, complex, yet persistent flow meshes and contrasts Supa’s at the same time; these 2 continue to show good chemistry. With the release of their next project en route, this is a good glimpse at what you can expect, check out “2K47” below.

Nobodies – Trident Ft. Supa Bwe (Video)

Yesterday, the good people over at Elevator Mag presented, the Nobodies’ video for “Trident.” We featured the single a few months back, but it appears the Florida duo finally made their way up to Chicago for the video. Supa Bwe flashes his eccentric style all over the heavy hitting instrumental, easily standing out. Despite the current dispute regarding it’s release, the video is pretty dope; check it out above.