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‘Make Music Day’ Is Back With 4,500 Concerts and Free Events Nationwide This June

make music day

If you’re looking for more to do this summer than walk to the pool or have an occasional beach day, why not plan a trip around the annual Make Music Day festival this June 21st? Make Music Day is a worldwide event that features concerts, impromptu jam sessions, music lessons, and free events in more than 800 cities across 120 countries. Last year, 4,138 free concerts and events were held in 53 cities across North America in coordination with additional celebrations in cities around the world. All were held on June 21st. As impressive as that is, the organization is looking to one-up itself this year by adding more than 350 additional events to the line-up! That means plenty of destinations to choose from for a midsummer weekend road trip. Fête De La Musique was first started by France’s Ministry of Culture. It was held on the summer solstice in 1982 and since then has become an annual worldwide phenomenon, a celebration of music where all are welcome to participate or merely take in the atmosphere. Check out Make Music’s local links for Minneapolis and Chicago to find events happening in an area near you this summer, and get out and sing on June 21st!

Four Midwest Artists to Bump this Summer

Kweku (Juttin via 1833)

Summer ’16 has already offered a swarm of new releases. But if you are looking for a break from the mainstream buzz and to support close-to-home talent, then these four artists would be great additions to your BBQ, pool party or road trip playlist.

Kweku Collins: Kweku Collins is a 19-year-old Evansville, IL based artist. He has a melodic sing-rap style and cited his influences as a diverse range of artists, including Miles Davis, Black Sabbath, Black-Eyed Peas and Young Thug in a Late with Rosenberg interview last month. His latest project, Nat Love, sounds a lot like falling in and out of love. It includes a sweet and airy track that features Chance the Rapper’s little brother Taylor Bennett. His tracks are less electronic and rawer sounding and instrumental, which could be incidentally influenced by his father who is an African and Latin percussionist.

WebsterX: WebsterX is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but his content is somewhat otherworldly. WebsterX should be a familiar name if you are a Minnesota hip-hop fan, as he has worked alongside both Finding Novyon and Allan Kingdom. He also falls off the beaten path of traditional hip-hop with an experimental style and chant-like vocals. His imaginative lyrics were recently brought to life in his stunning video for “Everything.”

Martin $ky: Martin $ky is based out of Chicago and if you are looking for traditional rap, then he is most definitely your go-to guy on this list. There really isn’t a song of his that he hasn’t produced. He said he learned how to produce at the age of 13, and started rapping shortly after in a Lyrical Lemonade interview. His experience is evident in the clean production of each track, but at the same time his rhymes are not put on the backburner. In fact, his skills have allowed him to develop a cohesive style that is uniquely his own. In his track BK2CHI, Pro Era’s Kirk Knight kicks off the song and helps to create a stellar blend of two producer turned rappers who stay true to their hometowns.

RO$$I: RO$$I is another more traditional rapper based out of Brooklyn Park, MN. Many of RO$$I’s tracks are also self-produced. His most popular track on Soundcloud is titled “Back At It” and is one of those tunes that you can vibe to, drive to, dance to, light to or all of the above. His tracks carry a lot of light themes of turning up, girls and cars, but he also delves into heavier topics of family problems and conspiracy theories. His crew name goes by SpʌceGʌng, which goes along well with his mentions of Martians in tracks like “Dark Matter.” Be sure to give this local underdog and all the other artists mentioned a listen below.

Studios Planning Trilogy To End With ‘King Kong Vs. Godzilla’

Theatrical poster for John Beck’s 1962 production King Kong vs. Godzilla.

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are joining forces to bring a trilogy featuring the iconic big screen monsters Godzilla and King Kong together on the big screen. The process is already underway, with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts‘ (The Kings of Summer, Nick Offerman: American Ham) upcoming Kong: Skull Island as the first entry, expected in theaters this March. From there the studios, namely Warner Bros., will release a sequel to Godzilla, with director Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Star Wars: Rogue One) hopefully returning to lead the project, followed by the grand finale that will likely see the two monsters battle it out or join forces against a new foe. Some concerns have been brought up about the comparable size of the two monsters. Edwards brought his Godzilla creature to an epic scale in the 2014 flick, but King Kong is supposed to be able to climb and hang from the top of the Empire State Building. The studios are sure, however, that they will be able to resolve this issue and the productions are, as of now, all set to move forward. We’ll keep an eye out for further news.

[MADE] The Historic City Market – Kansas City, MO.

instrumentman copyJust over a month ago, we were down in Kansas City and decided to check out their city market. To help set the scene, it was 100 degree’s out with the heat index. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was nearly 100% humidity that day as well. Welcome to Kansas City everyone.

The city market was bustling and no one was going to let the heat stop them – hell, it didn’t stop us. The culture and city was very much alive. One thing I was able to take from the experience, was how genuine everyone was – especially the farmers. The man above, made an impact on the day for many, as he barely broke a sweat performing. I have counted eight instruments, can you spot more?hellonearth_5 copyThe farmer above was stationed in his wheelchair in the shade. He was completely content watching crowds pass by. After asking if I could take his picture, he was shocked, yet happier than ever to do so. I think this may have been my favorite person that we had met that day.

RYDELLIES_3 copyPeaches were a hot commodity, as farmers were either competing near by one another, or they were simply sold out of their fresh produce. The young girl above was helping her father clean up the left over peaches that didn’t make the cut.

After trying fresh cheeses, fruits, vegetables – we broke down and grubbed at one of the restaurants near by. I would highly recommend grabbing a beignet from Beignet KC. Overall, the city market has a lot to offer and would definitely do it again. If you’re in the area, make plans to hydrate and explore one of the staple locations in Kansas City.


By: Vogz

Slide The City: Minneapolis

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You may have seen the wild and wet mayhem known as, Slide The City, all over commercials and websites by now, if you’re a fan; you’ll be glad to know it’s coming to Minneapolis. No concrete details available yet as to where in the city the slide will be placed, but they’re known for shutting down major city streets in various cities, especially downtown locations. These are family friendly and we don’t think the drinking of booz will be encouraged, but the thing does look like a hell of a good time, sober or not. One Ride early bird passes are available now for only $15, 3 Rides are $30 and the all encompassing VIP passes are $50, with the latter you’ll be afforded endless rides and a few cool goodies to take home. Click the link below for tickets and info, make sure to check out the trailer below as well.

Slide The City: Minneapolis

Finding Novyon Summer Dates

Novy Summer

The kid Finding Novyon lit up the internet earlier this week with the release of his new single, “Lots” featuring Allan Kingdom. With his upcoming project The Food Network on it’s way, one can only expect more big things from the rising artist. Starting last week, Novyon will hit a string of shows across Minnesota including stops in Duluth, Minneapolis, and Mankato as well as Portage, Wi & Fargo, ND. Some of the events will also feature the likes of Dwynell Roland, Baby Shel, Devon Reason and Manny Phesto, keep an eye out for more as Novyon prepares to release his forthcoming project The Food Network.

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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This brew is entirely inspired by my recent trip down to the KC MO area. After living in Lawrence KS for a number of years, we were limited to keystone light and these delicious brews. It turns out, while I was away, they have come out with one hell of a summer IPA – which is only fitting to what our stormy weekend has brought us.

Free State Brewery, out of Lawrence KS., brings a smooth and refreshing brew to the table. The Storm Chaser Summer IPA, is a thing of beauty. The beer is perfectly hoppy with just the right amount of bitterness and refreshing citrus tart flavors. Put it this way, it is a well balanced IPA that will leave you wanting more. Sorry guys, this one can’t be found anywhere outside of the KC area, but feel free to ask your local liq store if you’re really that interested.

[MADE] The Coastal Cruz: Nightfall

K&1_1 copy

K&1_11 copy

K&1_3 copy

As we continue The Coastal Cruz series from our drive up from LA to SF, we had to spend a few nights camping in the woods near HWY 1. With little to no reception and some booze – we learned a few tricks with the DSLR. Long exposures, light painting, and a night full of bright stars; we were easily amused.


The Coastal Cruz || The Coastal Cruz: Landscapes  || The Coastal Cruz Landscapes: pt.2 ||

The Coastal Cruz: The Forest ||

By: Vogz

New Trailer For Upcoming Sherlock Holmes Drama ‘Mr. Holmes’ With Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen has played some pretty iconic characters in his career as an actor, especially in modern cinema, portraying mythical characters like Gandalf, the wizard, and Magneto in the X-Men film franchise, to historical figures like Richard III, Hamlet, and David Copperfield. 2015 will now see the two-time Oscar-nominee take on another literary legend in the form of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. The film will be titled Mr. Homlmes, and will find the famous inspector an old man living with his son and housekeeper in Sussex and reflecting on his life’s work while still trying to grapple with an unsolved case he encountered 50 years earlier. Included in the supporting cast is Academy Award-nominee Laura Linney (The Truman Show, Mystic River), Hattie Morahan (The Bank Job, Summer In February), Patrick Kennedy (Atonement, War Horse), and Hiroyuki Sanada (The Last Samurai, The Wolverine). The script comes screenwriter Jeffery Hatcher (Casanova, The Duchess) and is an adaptation of the novel A Slight Trick of the Mind by author Mitch Cullen, with director Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters, The Fifth Estate) behind the camera. Check out the new trailer here on MADE. The film is expected to hit theaters this summer.

[MADE] Recap – Glow Mechanics “Factored In” EP Release Show | 9.18.14

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This last Thursday, Glow Mechanics released their latest record, Factored In. The CD release was held at Minneapolis’ 7th Street Entry, and definitely was not one to miss. The night featured a wide variety of music, for a measly $5. Glow Mechanics, Moses, Blue Green and Dansvidios, were all packed into a few hours of highly entertaining music.

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Energy, bass, rippin guitars, fresh cuts and break dancing consumed the night. Glow Mechanics, the dynamic hip-hop trio, once again shut down the intimate venue. If you weren’t able to attend, then make sure to get a physical CD of Factored In for $1. Merch was selling like crazy on all levels too, so if you weren’t able to snag your favorite Glow Mechanics gear, MADE Snapbacks etc., feel free to contact us directly.

Glow Mechanics | Moses | Dansvidios |