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Capital Ode “Dollar Menu”

Capital Ode has always dropped quality music on a consistent basis, his first release of 2017, Dollar Menu, continues that trend. Ode dedicates the EP to a Wendy’s employee who once clowned him for paying for his order with change, a nod to every kid who has done the same. The 4 track project is entirely produced by Drum Fu, his jazzy production laying the foundation for Capital Ode’s refined lyricism. Flashes of next level artistry abound, Capital Ode continues to progress with each new release. Check out Dollar Menu above an be on the look out for more from Capital Ode.

BlaccOut Garrison – City Love Ft. Delaney Kai


About a month back, BlaccOut Garrison dropped a new track titled “City Love” for all of our listening pleasure. Produced by Flying Lotus, the record’s somber, piano laden instrumental complements BlaccOut’s introspective flow nicely. Delaney Kai’s vocals layer well on the chorus allowing BlaccOut to inject a little more emotion into the record. Another solid track from one of Minneapolis’veteran MCs, check out “City Love” below and keep an eye out for more from BlaccOut Garrison.

Hyype – Nightmares


Chicago spitter, Hyype, recently teamed up with DJ Hustlenomics and DJ Sawbuck on a track titled “Nightmares.” Hyype has his way with the dark, heavy hitting instrumental, exercising a range of flows. Short and sweet, Hyype continues to grow, his wordplay sharpens with each release. Check out “Nightmares” below and keep an eye out for more.

Olanre – Misunderstood


With the violence in Chicago at epidemic levels, artists are beginning to realize that the scene might not be as glamorous as some portray it. Chicago’s own, Olanre recently dropped a track entitled “Misunderstood”, spotlighting the struggles that lead to what we see on the nightly news. With today’s shock value hungry media only displaying one side of the problem, it’s dope to see artists fighting back with their own depictions. Check out the track below and stay tuned for more from Olanre.

Jep Roadie – Jam Jam

Jam Jam Artwork

A couple weeks back we received a track from Jep Roadie. Titled “Jam Jam”, the kid goes in over the familiar instrumental giving his own take. Quick witted bars and a tenacious flow allow the track to pack a punch. Jep’s currently finalizing his upcoming project Regal, deciding to give us a small taste of what’s to come. Check out the track below and keep an eye out for Regal soon. #ReyeP

Machia – Mind Trap


About a week ago, we received a new track from Machia, 1/2 of Dynamic Equilibrium. Hailing from New York City, Dynamic Equilibrium is characterized by their gritty yet conscious sound. Entitled “Mind Trap”, Machia illuminates the issues behind Hip Hop’s current trap/trill/drill movements. With violent sub-genres like drill & trap regaining popularity, there’s a counter-culture brewing with all sorts of artists taking aim at those in control. A refreshing contrast is created between Machia’s lyrics and the instrumental, check out the single below and stay tuned for more from Machia & Dynamic Equilibrium.

Jellyfish Brigade – Man The Riverboat


Portland duo, Jellyfish Brigade released the second single off of their upcoming project, Diving Lessons last week. Entitled “Man The Riverboat”, the 8 bit like production moves at a nice pace allowing Lucas to deliver a playful verse. This track spans a wide variety of genres, showing a good deal of versatility between the MC and the producer. With Diving Lessons due out June 24th, it’ll be interesting to see what Jellyfish Brigade has coming pre-release. Peep the track below and stay tuned for more.

Auggie The 9th – Teen Spirit Remix


Chicago spitter Auggie The 9th took to Twitter earlier today to release a remix to SZA’s track “Teen Spirit”. Auggie definitely brings the heat on this one, with a fervent flow that commands attention; Auggie seems to have surely found his groove. The L.O.D affiliate will be headlining a loft party next weekend (22nd), if you’re in Chicago you should definitely keep an eye out for that and more from Auggie.

The Demon$ – This How We Ride


A few days ago we received a track from North Philly duo The Demon$. Their track, “This How We Ride”; is the lead single for their upcoming project Hell on Earth. Produced by Edo Ten$ei, the wavy harp heard throughout the record compliments both MCs well as they switch between multiple flows. Peep the track below and keep an eye out for The Demon$ as we get closer to the release of “Hell on Earth”.

Prince Greg – Danny Glover (Remix)


About a week ago we received a submission all the way from Florida, within it we found Prince Greg’s new remix to Young Thugs’ “Danny Glover”. Hailing from Orlando, Florida; Prince Greg has that quintessential trap/auto tune sound that’s reverberating so strongly through the south. With a beat that bangs for days, this one’s perfect for when you’re in a trap kinda mood.