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Memorable Movie Monologues…

Taking a moment to appreciate the artistry behind acting, I’d like to highlight some of the most memorable, if not noteworthy monologues ever seen on the big screen. Traditionally, a monologue is a long speech delivered by an actor of the stage or screen, during which either a climactic realization is reached or a larger audience is being addressed. I’ll begin with what I consider to be one of the greatest (if not the greatest) films ever made, Francis Ford Coppola‘s The Godfather Part II. The Godfather Part II is known as the most successful movie sequel of all time, earning a total of 11 Academy Award nominations and winning 6. Among the nominees was method-actor Lee Strasberg, who co-founded the Group Theatre in 1931 and became director of the Actors Studio in 1950. Strasberg influenced a new generation of stage actors, including up-and-coming Broadway actor Al Pacino. When Pacino broke into film with The Godfather and was brought back for Part II, he asked Coppola to cast his mentor Strasberg in the supporting cast. Strasberg took the role of mob-boss Hyman Roth, and earned one of the film’s Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actor. Continue reading

[MADE] Recap – The Sound Gallery | 7.24.15 | Pt.1

beastheadIt is nearing the end of July, which means we are also nearing the end of another iconic venue in Minneapolis. The last few weeks, The Sound Gallery has really upped its traffic by having multiple shows a week; that way, you know, they end this shit right.

beasthead_33This past Friday, SG featured a variety of local artists, including : c.Kostra, Carnivore Bones, Stolyette and Beasthead. Needless to say, with doors opening at 11, music went into the early morning hours.

beasthead_24While the drinks kept on flowing, people continued to pile in. By 3AM, Beasthead took to the stage to throw down another fine show. It’s a damn shame a place as giving as SG has to come to an end. Here we are again writing about its last days, just as we covered Cause’s last days not too long ago. Regardless, another one goes and we hold our breath until new doors open.

Photos: Kevin Vogel


Spazzkid Live in Studio @ Radio K

Just a few days ago, LA’s Spazzkid dropped by Radio K’s studio to do a live performance. His 10mn performance really showcased his skills on the Akai beat pad. The producer released his latest EP Desire, back in July. If you are just now hearing of Spazzkid from this post, you can say he is a similar blend of Toro y Moi and electronic drum and bass.

In The Studio w/ Beasthead

Yesterday, the homies from Beasthead dropped a short video introducing themselves and showing a little bit of their recording process. Choosing the Sound Gallery to record, they linked up with Fort Wilson Riot on a new track titled “Sticker On Your Brain”. From the sounds of it, the record will be another breath of fresh air as the group prepares to drop their new EP. Check out the video above and keep an eye out for more from Beasthead.

RADIUS-TWC Acquires Pablo Escobar Film ‘Paradise Lost’


Deadline Hollywood reported today that Raius-TWC acquired the North American rights for the Pablo Escobar film Paradise Lost for $2 million. The film is directed by Andrea Di Stefano and costars Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), Brady Corbet, and Claudia Traisac, with Oscar-winner Benicio Del Toro in the role of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. The story follows a young man who visits Columbia and falls for and marries a local girl, only to discover he has married the kingpin’s niece, whose uncle then begins to lure him into the family business. The film is produced by Dimitri Rassam and Romain Le Grand, with Pathe and Frederique Dumas of Orange Studio, as Miquel Angel Faura from Roxbury and uMedia. The film is expected to be released later this year. As you may know, Hollywood studios have been attempting to get a film chronicling the life of Pablo Escobar for several years now, with titles including The Ballad of Pablo Escobar. Beneicio Del Toro was once involved with a similar project, and actors like John Lequizamo and directors like Brad Furman have at different points been attached to various projects regarding the cartel leader, but until now, nothing had gained enough speed to get from the production stage to the big screen. A fun spin on the situation was taken in the HBO series Entourage, where fictional actor Vince Chase took on the role of Escobar in an independent picture called Medellin, which was accepted for showing at the Cannes Film Festival only to receive terrible reviews and being released straight to DVD. Paradise Lost takes the name from the famous 12-book poem by John Milton, which was published in 1667 and covers such matters as the War in Heaven, and the temptations of Lucifer on Adam and Eve. I’m not sure whether the filmmakers meant to make this connection or not, intentionally using the character of Satan in the original poem as an analogy for Escobar himself, but I guess we’ll see sometime soon. Hopefully this movie is worth the wait; if it stays true to the depths of Escobar’s character and the violence-fueled world that he was a part of and doesn’t focus too heavily on the supporting love story, it should be a pretty good movie, especially with Benicio Del Toro appearing as Escobar.

The Order: 1866

From the developers of the God of War series, presents their latest installation The Order: 1866. Developers, Ready at Dawn, have been slowly leaking more and more information about their game. The game itself has quite the backstory, so if you are interested, watch the second video above.

The game is set in an alternate history, where knights keep the world safe from animal like monsters which have eventually taken over the mythical world. The human Knights soon discover Black Water, which enables them healing powers allowing them to live longer, thus the start of a Revolution.

The game is set to be released solely for the PS4 console, and should make for a really in-depth experience when gaming. There is no set date, but it said to be released by mid 2014. MADE will feature regular updates on The Order, so stay tuned.

Vic Mensa – Producing The INNANETAPE

Vic Mensa has been thoroughly enjoying the success of his highly acclaimed project the “INNANETAPE”, since it’s release he has hooked up with Adidas, the guys at ILLRoots, Sway & now Closed Sessions; for a video detailing the INNANETAPES creative birth. Featuring the likes of Peter Cottontail and Cam Osteen, the video showcases the importance of their relationships when it came down to undergoing this project. Peep the video above, you might learn something.