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Vikings Stadium: The Start of a New Era




A few days ago we took a stroll around the construction site of the new Vikings stadium, and man is this thing going to be insane. In order to build the new stadium, they had to bring in the second largest crane in the United States – which makes sense after seeing it sit sky high next to its enormous support beams. Here are a few pics (mostly B&W) showcasing the progress of the new billion dollar giant. Stay tuned for 2016 while the new glass dome gets constructed.

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By: Vogz

New Target Center Renovations

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It is finally official, the Minneapolis City Council has approved the latest hiring of Loring Park’s Architectural Alliance and Sink Combs Dethlegs. The two companies are teaming up to re-renovate Target Center and make it less of a soar thumb that it already is. With over $97 million being put into the damn thing, we hope to have one of the better arena’s around. Architectural Alliance is rather known throughout the MPLS area due to their work on the Guthrie Theater and TCF Bank Stadium, which are both state of the art facilities. So far, Minneapolis plans to begin construction in Spring 2015. . . Meanwhile, enjoy the traffic while you can, because it is going to be a mess.

Target Center Renovation

The Target Center is set to get a complete face lift immediately following this season. The $100 million renovation will involve re-designing the outside, concessions, the center screens, and just about everything else you can think of.  The facelift should make Target Center once again a state of the art arena for basketball. Just think about this, not only does MPLS have a brand new baseball field, they are about to have one for the Vikes and Wolves as well. I am definitely a fan of this decision by the city council; troughs at a basketball arena are not really ideal.

Banksy “Better Out Than In” Day 30


As Banksy wraps up his “Better Out Than In” residency of New York City, Day 30 pops out as one of my favorites. The Brit took on the legendary Yankee Stadium as a canvas, painting a leopard stencil along the wall. If you’ve ever been to the Big Apple, you know that the city can indeed take on a “Concrete Jungle” like feeling. This might not be one of his most provocative or satirical, but in my opinion it’s definitely one of the better pieces over the entirety of the exhibition. Today is day 31 marking the end of “Better Out Than In”, stay tuned for the conclusion to what’s been a wild ride.

Japan’s New National Stadium

Japan won the bid for the 2020 Olympics, and now is planning to build a one of a kind stadium to accommodate such events. The gigantic sports arena will be built in Shinjuku, a ward of Tokyo. The stadium features seating for 80,000, adjustable seating sections, and a retractable roof-top. As of now, they have not released any numbers on what the estimated cost will be, but I’m sure it’s slightly more than what my wallet can carry. Make sure to check out the video presented by the guys at Zaha Hadid Architects, they made sure to design something like none other.