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James Franken “Springing Forward”


As the city of Minneapolis’ Hip Hop scene continues to grow, St. Paul has began to emerge with it’s own wave of new talent on the rise. Among artists like Bobby Raps, Allan Kingdom and the guys from Egotic Records; we’ve began to notice a kid by the name of James Franken. Vogz originally put me on, then a few days ago his new album Springing Forward was sent our way. Upon listening I was quite surprised, we get a lot of sub-par music and this was definitely far….far from some of the BS that immediately hit’s our Recycle Bin. The album’s production is air tight with guys like Frankie Bash, Alejandro P and Prim.Cuts all offering up some ill instrumentals. James is no slouch either, his flow is something from yesteryear, precise and calculated with substance to go along. Peep the tape below and make sure to keep your eye on this kid, you’re sure to hear a lot more from him soon.