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BBC Beanies 2017

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The good people over at Jugrnaut recently stocked a few new BBC Beanies for those of us looking to finish the winter in style. Three colorways, khaki, green, and red all provide clean looks that remain versatile. If you’re dying to have one, you’ll have to cough up $52, click the link below for a better look.

BBC Beanies via Jugrnaut

CRAM Spring Showcase w/ Chester Watson

Spring Showcase

Location: 917 Cedar Avenue S, Minneapolis
When: Friday, March 18th @ 8PM

The homies frOm CRAM will be holding their first ever Spring Showcase later this week at The Cabooze. The group put on a good show in January and looks to up the ante with a very solid lineup. The event will also feature performances from Chester Watson, Chance York, Radio Ahlee; as well as beat sets by Prime.Cut, John Shrimpnose, Vante The Hippie and Wealthy Relative. Rich Garvey will handle the hosting duties rounding out what should be a good Friday night at The Cabooze. This one is 18+ and advance tickets are only $7 ($10 @ door), click the link below for more information and be on the look out for the ticket link.

CRAM “Spring Showcase” Tickets

[MADE] Recap – Botzy x Bae Tigre x Cruel Love @ Triple Rock | 3.14.15




K. Raydio x BdotCroc x Glow Mechanics Live @ Coffman Memorial Union


Where: 300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN
When: Thursday, March 12th | Doors at 7:30 | FREE |

Tomorrow night at the U of M campus, K.Raydio, BdotCroc and Glow Mechanics will be performing. The event, which is hosted by the Whole Music Club, is entirely FREE to attend. With the ever talented K.Raydio in attendance with other local favorites, it seems like a no brainer to stop on down to support the local scene.

[MADE] Persp∃ctives

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As the world rotates, we find ourselves inching towards one of the finer times of the year in the midwest. The sun begins to shine bright, the ground is wet, and most importantly, the snow withers away. It is now early spring before the bugs climb out from wherever it is they hide. It is safe to say, it is an enjoyable time for many of us, as we thaw our frozen limbs.

After sleeping in late and starting to realize that I was locked out of my own garage, I figured it would be an appropriate time to take an extended walk through the city. Whether you hate winter, or hate the hot humid whether; we all have our very own perspectives in life. Some perspectives are intriguing – others, maybe not so much. After all, it is what makes us human.

By: Vogz

aso. (Aric Ogle)

After recently discovering the LA producer, it is quite clear what his intentions are. Influenced by the jazzy beats like J Dilla and Nujabes, Aric possesses the quality of heart felt rhythms much like his predecessors before him had. Thick textures filled with original instruments, such as the piano, guitar and drums – Aric stands out as one of the realist producers. Press play and vibe out.


[MADE] Brews of the Week

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It looks like spring beers are beginning to roll in sooner than later. One of the first to hit the liquor stores, is brought to you by the great Sierra Nevada brewery. This year for their Beer Camp series, they are featuring a spring seasonal titled, “Hoppy Lager”.

The brew, which tastes just like its title, is spot on delicious. Sitting at a whopping 7% ABV, it is virtually hidden with taste. Clean, crisp, hoppy, all with an earthy lager taste – Sierra Nevada has made one fine beer with their Hoppy Lager. For under $10 a six pack, this will be a spring favorite.

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Wow. . . so after recently discovering our fellow midwest brewery, Saugatuck Brewery, out of MI., it is apparent that these guys know what they’re doing. A few weeks back we featured their unique Neapolitan Milk Stout and now we’re featuring they’re silky smooth Bonfire Brown Ale.

The Bonfire Brown ale would be prime sipping on next to a fire chillin’. The brew pours with little to no head, and features a dark brown / reddish color to it. This brown ale first tastes of roasted nuts and maybe toffee, with a light smokey malt finish. Absolutely this beer is very well balanced.

Vans Spring 2015 “Sidestripe” Pack

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Vans is gearing up for Spring with a sneak peak at their upcoming “Sidestripe” pack. The package includes a grey pair with a cork stripe, a red pair with a leopard stripe, and a khaki pair with a tortoise stripe, all of which are pretty clean in their own right. Utilizing their Old Skool model, Vans definitely has a solid addition to their currently booming lineup. These should be available at your local Vans retailer any day now.