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Corbin & Shlohmo LIVE @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall

Location: 6 W 6th Street, St. Paul
When: Thursday, September 21st @ 8PM

St. Paul’s own Corbin (F.K.A Spooky Black) will make his hometown tour stop next Thursday. It’s hard to believe that the kid has experienced so much success and is still only 19, his latest project, Mourn, further establishes him as one of the best in his class. L.A producers and Wedidit members, Shlohmo and D33J; will accompany Corbin rounding out what should be an awesome show. This show is 18+ and tickets are still available for only $20, click the link below to buy yours now before they sell out.

Corbin Tickets

Corbin – Destrooy

Corbin/Spooky Black recently took to Soundcloud to release some new music for his starving fans. The often low key, internet sensation is kind of like a ghost in the Twin Cities. Omnipresent on the inter-webs, but very rarely seen in public, especially when not performing. He’s back with an ethereal new record in “Destrooy,” the song sounds like how I imagine heroin feels. Dark, but bleeding with vibrant waves of emotion, Corbin’s droning vocals blend with the production like watercolors. Right on point, there’s a reason “Destrooy has surpassed 120K plays in 24 hours; check it out for yourself above and stay tuned for more from Corbin.

Corbin & Bobby Raps Live @ Varsity Theater


Location: 1308 4th Street SE, Minneapolis
When: Wednesday, June 17th @ 6:30PM

A couple of weeks back Bobby Raps & Corbin surprised everyone with the release of their Couch Potato EP, this Wednesday they’ll be LIVE at the Varsity Theater for what we expect to be a great night. Couch Potato is an extension of their previous collaborations, dark and heavy, the EP rolls along at it’s own pace luring the listener in. All ages or not, this is definitely a must attend show for hip hop lovers in the Twin Cities, there’s a big chance you’ll see a few other familiar faces performing throughout the night as well. Click the link below to grab tickets for $20.

Corbin & Bobby Raps Tickets

Greenroom Magazine Issue 004

The good people over at Greenroom Magazine dropped their 4th issue today. The purveyors of everything cool, Greenroom will be celebrating Familia’s 10th Anniversary with “The Fucking Best Show Ever” this Saturday, June 13th. Issue 004 is covered by TheStand4rd and also features spotlights on Taco, Chester Watson, Rhymefest, Jungle Pussy and many more. Click the link below to read “St. Paul Saints”, their cover story detailing the rise of TheStand4rd and make sure to grab a physical copy.

Greenroom Magazine: St. Paul Saints

Bobby Raps & Corbin “Couch Potato” EP


It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Corbin (formerly Spooky Black), but he and Bobby Raps changed all of that yesterday with the release of their Couch Potato EP. The 6 track collaboration is filled with dreamy instrumentals and lofty vocals, their early chemistry is proving true. Corbin seems firmly planted on this project, anyone who has seen him live knows the kid can sing and he further illustrates the point. Bobby Raps is not to be forgotten either, his production and versatility shines through on every track as he switches between rapping and singing. A great project from 2 of the Twin Cities’ fastest rising artists, check out Couch Potato below.

thestand4rd – Doors (Top 14 Albums of 2014)


This was the track that started it all. Back in April, thestand4rd took to Soundcloud in a surprise move releasing their first track ever, “Doors”. Minneapolis’ hip hop scene was shaken to it’s foundations with a lot of people’s music forced to take a back seat, similarly to their album release, thestand4rd have proved time and time again that you should re-think matching their release dates. As a group, this one record served as a successful test; but solo, each of them continued to buzz harder than ever. Some cried 1 hit wonders, others bashed behind closed doors, but those in the know, knew that these guys were for real. Check out “Doors” below and be on the look out for more.

thestand4rd EP (#2 Top 14 Albums of 2014)


In the Twin Cities, you could argue that only Lizzo has had a better year within the hip hop community, than the group known as thestand4rd. Comprised of 4 artists, Allan Kingdom, Spooky Black, Bobby Raps, and Psymun; thestand4rd are as good solo as they are together. After each establishing themselves on the internet as artists to watch, thestand4rd was born with less than a handful of tracks to offer. Apparently, their tight-knit formula worked, by fall, the buzz for their album was spilling over into international waters. Shortly after the release of their first video, “Simple Needs”, they went on to announce a mini tour that spanned L.A., New York City, Chicago and more. Amazingly enough they would go on to sell out each show, garnering support from Kreayshawn, Mike Dean, FADER, MISHKA, and even DJ Khaled along the way. The album sounds like nothing that’s come before it, a completely unique breathe of fresh air. Check out thestan4rd EP below and be on the look out for more.

FADER Mix: thestand4rd


Last week, St. Paul’s thestandard linked up with New York based FADER Mag on their weekly mix session. The mix is joined by a short interview and features original remixes from Psymun, as well as a few unheard releases. Some of the artists you’ll hear include FKA Twigs, Chester Watson, Kevin Abstract, Bad Bad Hats, and some newness from Corbin (Spooky Black), Bobby Raps, and K.Raydio. At an hour long, this is definitely something good to just press play and listen to, click the link below for the interview and make sure to check out the mix.

FADER Mix: thestand4rd (Interview)

Corbin (Spooky Black) – Worn

Spooky (Corbin) dropped some newness today with “Worn”. The track features production by Shlohmo, D33J, Bobby Raps and Psymun. With the new release, we continue to witness the evolution of Spooky’s music. By linking up with ever talented WEDIDIT, his music is reaching a whole new level – press play and turn those speakers up to see what exactly we mean.

Spooky Black – Reason (Video)

As album #14 on our list of the “Top 14 Albums of 2014”, Spooky Black’s Leaving EP showed that the kid is a lot more than durags and turtlenecks. Back in August he dropped the video for his track “Reason”, it didn’t quite receive attention like “Without You”, but Spooky definitely solidified himself and his visual style. With just under a half a million views, “Reason’s” slow, cinematic instrumental combined with Spooky’s unwavering vocals; remains a stand out song from the artist. 2015 looks bright for Spooky Black and TheStand4rd, peep the video for “Reason” above.