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Burton Presents: RESORT

Last week Burton boards released the third installment to their four part snowboarding web-series taking on resorts as their playground. The video features the skills of Danny Davis, Mark McMorris, Werni Stock & Ben Ferguson just to name a few and showcases spots like Seven Springs and Squaw Valley. Check out the video above and stay tuned for more from Burton as the snowboarding season gets into gear.

Adidas Snowboarding Welcomes Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson has been on the scene for quite some time and is finally getting some over due credit for his hard work. Over the years we’ve seen Eric carving up the back country from Alaska to the Andes and now he’s been picked up by Adidas’ growing Snow team. The above clip features E-Jax doing what he does best (shredding back country like it’s a park) and talking about his plans for the future. Peep the clip above and stay tuned for more from Eric and the guys over at Adidas.

Burton Presents: SNOWBOARDING (Trailer)

Burton snowboards has been at the forefront of it’s industry for some time now, just about every super star snowboarder comes through their offices and they always have their logo plastered everywhere at every event. This fall the guys at Burton have decided to take part in a 4 episode web series that highlights snowboarding in four distinct environments. The 4 environments that will be showcased are Back Country, Street, Womens & Resort and will feature riding from Jeremy Jones, Mikkel Bang, Zak Hale, Kimmy Fasani, Danny Davis & Mark McMorris just to name a few. The series kicks off on September 13th with the Back Country segment, check out the trailer above and stay tuned for more.