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Vinyl Is Finally Taking Back The Music Industry As CD Sales Plummet


I’ve been saying it for years: vinyl is the way to go and Millennials are finally catching on! Best Buy announced this week that its stores will stop selling CDs (compact discs) altogether this July 1. Meanwhile vinyl sales have been steadily rising over the last few years, becoming, once again, a high-demand item for music retailers who have been struggling to compete with digital streaming services and music downloaded from the Internet. According to The Guardian, vinyl sales saw a 53% increase between 2015 and 2016, the highest sales numbers for vinyl since 1991. Although vinyls have always been kept around by independent retailers like Half Price Books and local stores like Cheapo Records and Electric Fetus here in Minneapolis, retailers like Best Buy and Target have caught up with the trend. As some begin to drop CD sales, none seem to have any plans to stop selling vinyl. Continue reading

oPhone – Scents, Sent Through Your Phone


Yes, the technology has finally arrived. If you recall, about a year or two ago on April Fools day, Google “made” an app so you could smell scents through your smartphone. Well, as we all know this was complete bullshit. As it turns out, the makers of the oPhone, DUO, have created the first official device which allows one to send and receive electronic aroma messages. With the device, you can simply send a picture message while selecting the primary and secondary scents of whatever it may be, allowing to perfectly replicate the sent anywhere.

With over 300,000 combinations, the oPhone could change the way we look at our current technology. All you need is both senders/receivers to own the device and regularly change the cartridges (like ink cartridges). Then, simply download the app, take pictures and select your scents, and Wallah!

Feel Free To Learn More At: http://www.onotes.com

The Shoulderpod S1


If you want to be THAT guy, this is for you. Whether you like it or not, the rate in which technology is advancing, this is where we are headed. With smartphones becoming the focal point for camera’s and many other multimedia platforms, we are using phones for just about everything.

The shoulder pod S1, is a brand new adjustable filmmaker grip for those who want to get ‘serious’ with their smartphone cameras. The company out of Barcelona has designed three styles for their ‘professional smartphone rigs’. Shoulderpod. has released a Tripod, a Filmmaker Grip and a Traveler Stand for a variety of phones, serving multiple purposes. Lets just hop you have a badass camera attached to your phone to take ‘professional’ photos… If you are interested in purchasing one for yourself, feel free to visit http://www.shoulderpod.com/where-to-buy/

Google’s “Project Tango”

After working with research labs and university’s across the globe, Google has come up with another ground breaking idea for smartphones. As described in the above video, the project aims to make our phones recognize space and time, therefore making it three-dimentional. Project Tango allows one to record and track their entire environment around them with built in sensors, allowing you to relive nearly every second by generating a 3D map. Woah.

Samsung Releases Smartphone GamePad


I’m looking at you, fellow nerds and gamers. This is just the tool we’ve been waiting for, for all the available emulators on phones. Samsung recently released this controller for specifically any Android 4.1 user with a 4-6 inch screen. We’re not specifically sure if it will work with any game yet, but it will with most. This sleek round design looks as if it will serve as a decent controller. So, if you happen to be playing Mario, Pokemon, or whatever the hell it is, make sure to snag one of these guys (price not yet available).

[Sony] Detachable Camera Lenses for Smartphones





The Cyber-shot DSC-QX10 and Cyber-shot DSC-QX100 attach to Android phones as well as iPhones, allowing users to have a full fledged optical zoom. The QX100 allows you to have 20.2-megapixels vs the QX10, which still has a whopping 18-megapixels. The uprgraded model, QX100, will also feature full zoom control and shutter release. Both will feature 1080p for video recording, and with WiFi or the NFC option, you can control the device wirelessly. Sony’s QX10 will be priced at $249 while the QX100 is at $499.

Samsung Releases Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch handson video

We are getting lazier and lazier, just take a look at the new smartwatch. Now you no longer have to pull your phone out of your pocket! HELL YES! But in all seriousness, Samsung revealed their latest technology today, which can pretty much do what your smart phone can do. You can dial numbers, change tunes, use apps, and many more. The watch comes equipped with an 800MHz processor and  512MB of RAM. It also comes equipped with a 1.9 MegaPixel camera to take pictures on.

Samsung states that the US release should be sometime this upcoming October, at a price of $299. Compared to other smartwatches on the market, this one definitely has the looks and specs compared to the rest. Unfortunately, unless you have a Samsung Galaxy of any-kind, it wouldn’t be to much to look into. And do not worry, there are many other smartwatches coming out soon to accommodate your delightful smartphone.