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Drelli – Chiquita

The south side of Minneapolis has been on fire as of late, whether it’s Metasota, Greg Grease, Nazeem & Spencer, KAS, or the kid Drelli, there is a lot brewing. One of the youngest in charge, Drelli, has been especially busy as of late releasing a trio of hot singles within the last month. His latest, “Chiquita,” further proves that the hype is justified. Produced by Blanda, the record feels tailor made for Drelli’s oft-tropical sound. A guaranteed party starter that should last well into the summer, check out “Chiquita” below and keep an eye out for more from Drelli.

Corbin – Destrooy

Corbin/Spooky Black recently took to Soundcloud to release some new music for his starving fans. The often low key, internet sensation is kind of like a ghost in the Twin Cities. Omnipresent on the inter-webs, but very rarely seen in public, especially when not performing. He’s back with an ethereal new record in “Destrooy,” the song sounds like how I imagine heroin feels. Dark, but bleeding with vibrant waves of emotion, Corbin’s droning vocals blend with the production like watercolors. Right on point, there’s a reason “Destrooy has surpassed 120K plays in 24 hours; check it out for yourself above and stay tuned for more from Corbin.

Pusha T – Drug Dealers Anonymous Ft. Jay Z


Pusha T just shook things up with the release of his new single, “Drug Dealers Anonymous.” The G.O.O.D Music President holds nothing back flaring his oft-slept on lyricism like a machete. Jay Z has been popping up a lot lately, but this is quite possibly his best verse in years, the veteran proves that he’s all but lost it. Not sure if this will appear on Pusha’s upcoming album, Goodfellas; but we can only hope that there’s more where this came from. Check out “Drug Dealers Anonymous” below and keep an eye out for more.

Freddie Gibbs – Money, Cash, Hoes

Freddie Gibbs is gearing up to go on tour towards the end of March, the Gary native recently took time out of his busy schedule to release a new single titled, “Money, Cash Hoes.” Not many artists in the streets go as hard as Freddie, the grime-town boss is known for his razor sharp flows, ice cold delivery, and gritty beat selections. From the cover art, to the instrumental, to Gibbs’ relentless bars, “Money, Cash, Hoes” is further proof of why the streets love Freddie Gibbs. Check out the track above and be on the look out for details surrounding his upcoming tour.

Jay Prince – Juice Ft. Allan Kingdom


A few days ago London based artist Jay Prince released a new track titled, “Juice,” with the help of the Twin Cities own Allan Kingdom. An ode to the good girls gone bad, “Juice” captures both artists strengths really well. Allan continues to establish himself as a go-to hook killer maintaining a solid buzz with features alone. A good record all around, peep “Juice” above and be on the look out for more.

Eric Mayson – Skyline

Eric Mayson Skyline

With the release of Eric Mayson’s solo debut nearly upon us we’ve been listening to his lead single “Skyline” like crazy. A soulful record that begins with a defeated undertone, ominous yet hopeful; it opens up like a flower in bloom right around the 0:40 mark. The song transforms into a groove with an electric feel as Eric shows us his perspective. A dynamic record with impressive production from Big Cats, Eric Mayson seems right at home on this one. We’re definitely excited to hear his debut full length, Detail, when it releases this Friday, August 28th. For now we’ll just have to keep jamming to “Skyline.”

Finding Novyon – Lots Ft. Allan Kingdom

A few days after kicking off his summer tour and 2 days after Allan Kingdom’s sold out Red Bull Sound Select show, Finding Novyon keeps the wave going with the release of “Lots.” The lead single off his upcoming project The Food Network, “Lots” bangs from the very first second all the way to it’s end, a club banger if you will; “Lots” will surely get plenty of spins at parties for the remainder of the summer. Both artists put forth a pair of catchy, yet savvy versus with plenty of sly metaphors and punchlines woven in between. Quite possibly the hottest single in Twin Cities hip hop right now, check out “Lots” for yourself above and make sure to stay tuned for more from Finding Novyon and Allan Kingdom.

Capital Ode – Lemonade Moves Ft. Mouse Sucks

We recently received a new track from the Dojo all the way out in Brooklyn. NYC spitter Capital Ode’s new track,”Lemonade Moves,” features MADE favorite Mouse Sucks and packs quite the punch. Produced by Drum Fu, the synth’d out instrumental captures the essence of each artist as they cut through their verses. Capital Ode flashes a variety of flows congruent with NYC’s current transformation and Mouse Sucks puts forth one of his best verses to date. A solid track from 2 artists you should keep your eye on, check out “Lemonade Moves” above and stay tuned for more.

Joey Aich – Soup

After recently surviving a car crash with minimal injuries, Cleveland MC Joey Aich took a little time to reflect on life. Last week Joey returned with a new track titled “Soup,” an introspective record that sees Joey in good shape; showing off various flows on the off canter instrumental. Glad to see that the kid’s ok, check out “Soup” above and make sure to be on the look out for more from Joey Aich.

A$AP Rocky – M’$

A$AP Rocky has been understandably quiet since the death of A$AP Yams, but all that changed recently with the release of “M’$.” With the announcement of his upcoming project A.L.L.A, Rocky is looking to continue the buzz that was briefly quieted. Produced by Mike Dean and C.N.O.T.E, “M’$” showcases Rocky’s transition, the Harlem rapper is now adopting new cadences providing a record that feels familiar but not at all the same as previous releases. I for one am happy that Rock has dropped new music, losing a close friend is never easy, but life indeed goes on. Check out “M’$” above and stay tuned for more from Rocky & the A$AP Mob.