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Has The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Changed In The Years Since #OscarsSoWhite

2018 oscars

The nominations for the 90th Annual Academy Awards were released last week and met with mixed reactions. Some were ecstatic, others were disappointed, but how many were surprised? The Academy has been attempting to present itself in a new light in the years since a slew of all-white nominees was presented in the Best Actor category at the 2015 ceremony. Despite the #OscarsSoWhite movement that followed, the same thing happened the next year, sending organizers into a furor that found them completely revamping the membership list in the hopes of getting more diversified nominations. Although the 89th ceremony saw some changes in terms of the voting body, it seemed more like a desperate attempt to show change rather than a legitimate attempt to actually change. Now, in the age of #MeToo, this year’s nominees also fell shy of expectations. Continue reading

A Few More Memorable Entries From Sundance Film Fest 2017


Sundance 2017 proved a huge success yet again. This year a number of impressive entries from a broad array of categories caught our attention, including Wind River, The Discovery, I Am Not Your Negro, Mudbound, and the outlandish comedy Wilson with Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern. Now that the celebration is over and everyone in Hollywood is looking forward to the Oscars at the end of the month, here are a few more mentionable entries you should look for in theaters in the coming months. Continue reading

New Documentary ‘Sunshine Superman’ Set For Limited Release May 22nd

Documentarian Marah Strauch (Sick Mick and the Boys) just showed her latest film Sunshine Superman at the Montclair Film Festival earlier this month, and is now anticipating a larger (yet limited) release this May 22nd. The film, which was first shown at the New York Film Festival back in October 2014, explores the life of skydiver and BASE-jumper pioneer Carl Boenish and his unquenchable passion for “foot-launched human flight.” The project took home two awards for Best Documentary and Best New Director at the Portland International Film Festival earlier this year and will still be shown at the Seattle International Film Festival this May 24th. Check your local theaters for showtimes available in your area. You can watch the trailer here on MADE. Enjoy!

Kognitif – Monometric


Kognitif, is a French producer that focuses on hip-hop/trip-hop styled beats. The producer, is very similar to Dj Shadow and RJD2; but yet he has his very own signature sound. Earlier in 2014 he released his album, Monometric,  which finally has made its way into our hands. The album features his signature use of snare drums, which can easily be heard on “Lunacy”. It is quite noticeable that Kognitif has put a lot work into this album. The production quality is top notch; each song is filled with deep textures to make for one complete album.

GRRRL PRTY @ Icehouse Recap


Location: 2528 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis

Last Wednesday (Dec 11th) we decided to hit up GRRRL PRTY’s show at Minneapolis’ Icehouse. Going to start off by saying the chances of seeing such a good show for $6 are far a few between, GRRRL PRTY absolutely shut it down….. Once again. The venue was packed for their set with a thick cloud of anticipation hanging in the air in the moments prior to the beginning. As the show began, it was quite clear that GRRRL PRTY has officially found their on stage groove. All 3 grrrls rocked the stage effortlessly, although Manchita’s pressence was dominant throughout. If you missed out on the show you definitely….definitely, missed one of the best shows this season. GRRRL PRTY continues to shine through as one of the city’s best acts, if you haven’t bought tickets for Lizzo’s show on the 28th; you should get on that NOW. Stay tuned for more as 2014 draws closer, we’re sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from GRRRL PRTY.

Phillip Morris & Wide Eyes – The Sick and The Dead

Cover Art

A lot of dope music being released today, Phillip Morris & Wide Eyes have dropped their long awaited collaboration “The Sick and The Dead” for all of our listening pleasure. The project contains 7 tracks with features from Sean Anonymous, Toki Wright & a couple vocals from Lizzo to name a few. A good listen from front to back, this one is definitely worth the download for all of my hip hop heads out there; if you’re unfamiliar with both artists this may be a good place to start. Check out the album below and stay tuned for more as Phil Mo & Wide Eyes prepare for the album release show.