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Indie Project ‘Rebel in the Rye’ Now Showing In Limited Theaters

A new biographical film titled Rebel in the Rye is seeing a limited release in theaters this weekend. The film follows the life of famed author J.D. Salinger as he achieves worldwide fame for his novel The Catcher in the Rye. Writer/director Danny Strong (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, Empire) penned the film from the book “J.D. Salinger: A Life” by Kenneth Slawenski. Salinger was born in New York, and attended several universities before he was drafted into the army to serve in World War II. He participated in both the D-Day Invasion at Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. During this period he continued to write, developing the story for what would become The Catcher in the Rye. Continue reading

Matt Bomer Will Take Supporting Role In Shane Black’s ‘Nice Guys’ With Ryan Gosling And Russell Crowe


Director Shane Black is still filling out the remaining cast spots for his upcoming LA-crime thriller The Nice Guys, which already has Ryan Gosling (The Ides of March, The Place Beyond The Pines) and Russell Crowe (Gladiator, Man of Steel) attached to star in the film. The story follows a private detective and his muscle-head partner (both practicing alcoholics by-the-way) in 1970s Los Angeles who investigates the suicide of a porn-star only to discover her death will uncover a massive conspiracy leading all the way back to the American automotive industry. The script comes from screenwriter Anthony Bagarozzi and director Shane Black, who has also recently added actor Matt Bomer (Flightplan, Magic Mike) to the cast list, according to Deadline. Other names currently attached to the project are Margaret Qualley, Daniel Lee, Angourie Rice, Cayla Brady, and David Born. The movie is currently scheduled for release in June 2016, so we’ve got some waiting time before we actually see a trailer or set-pics, but stay tuned for more news!

‘Predator’ Reboot/Sequel In The Works From Director Shane Black


Although he turned down the opportunity to work on the original script in 1986, Iron Man 3 director Shane Black is now being approached to direct a new Predator film that was initially thought to be a reboot but is now being dubbed a sequel. The script will be written by Black’s 1987 Monster Squad co-writer Fred Dekker and has original producer John Davis on board to produce. There is no word yet as to whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger will reprise his role or how the classic Predator design will be brought to the modern big screen, but considering the failure that was Predators in 2010, I’m not so sure a new sequel will do anymore to help the aging franchise, but maybe Black will surprise me (that’s a lack of faith in overdone sequels, not in Black). Stay tuned.

Director Shane Black Eyeing Russell Crowe And Ryan Gosling For Murder Mystery ‘The Nice Guys’


Iron Man 3 director Shane Black has kept the Hollywood gossip scene hungry for news about what his next project will be after the success of his blockbuster sequel last May, but now he seems to have given them some answers. The Wrap has reported that Black will next be directing producer Joel Silver’s murder/conspiracy thriller The Nice Guys, which follows muscle-head and private-eye Jackson Healy and Holland March, respectively, in the investigation of a porn-star’s suicide in connection to someone (Tycoon or businessman) in the American auto-industry. The story takes place in 1970s Los Angeles and the director is currently looking to actors Russell Crowe (Gladiator, American Gangster) and Ryan Gosling (The Ides of March, Gangster-Squad) to take the leading roles. The script comes from Black and screenwriter Anthony Bagarozzi, who has also penned scripts for a couple of film potentials, including Doc Savage and Death Note, but no release date or production schedule has been put into effect at this time.

Avatar Sequels Confirmed For 2016, ’17, and ’18


James Cameron took the movie world to new limits when he released Avatar to audiences back in 2009. The first movie to be filmed specifically for IMAX, Avatar’s special effects and cinematography won the respective awards at the Oscars back in 2010, and also won two Golden Globes for Best Director (James Cameron) and Best Picture. The film set a new standard for making special effects movies with modern technology, much in the same way as George Lucas did with Star Wars in 1977. Following the success of Avatar, Cameron started planning out a series of sequels for his cinematic adventure, which will now be hitting theaters Lord of the Rings-style starting in December of 2016.


Actors Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana recently confirmed they would be returning for the three sequels, which will be filmed back-to-back in New Zealand and are being written by screenwriters Josh Friedman, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, and Shane Salerno. As I understand it Friedman and Salerno will be writing the first and final sequel separately, and Jaffa and Silver will be collaborating on the middle installment, but as of now there are still no details or hints regarding the plot of any of the three movies. Not to worry, though; James Cameron never keeps fans waiting for a movie that isn’t worth seeing. The director is co-writing all three movies with his screenwriters, and is behind some of the most memorable and successful projects in Hollywood, including The Terminator, Titanic, Aliens, and The Abyss. With all that experience I think it’s safe to say that fans have nothing to worry about; they just have to play the waiting game, which is nothing new to fans of Cameron.

The SB Chronicles Vol.2 “Trailer”

Nike SB has been churning out the kicks as of late so it’s only right that they ride the wave with the announcement that they’ll be releasing volume 2 to their “SB Chronicles” series. The above trailer features SB riders shredding the streets of San Jose, Sao Paulo behind the lense of Jason Hernandez. You’ll see the likes of Theotis Beasley, Shane O’Neill, Justin Brock & Brian Anderson all giving good parts as the anticipation rises for Nike SB’s next video release; stay tuned for more as the guys continue building the hype.

James Cameron and Avatar Sequels


When you hold the top two spots on the list of highest grossing movies ever, you know you’ve got some pull. Director James Cameron set new industry records for his last two films, Titanic, which still holds the number two spot since its release in 1997, and Avatar, his latest project that really put the whole 3D movie era into action. Cameron is now working with 20th Century Fox and a team of writers to put not one, not two, but three Avatar sequels into production and to begin simultaneous filming next year! Screenwriters Josh Friedman, Shane Salerno, Amanda Silver, and Rick Jaffa are all working on separate scripts for the films, which are set to begin release in December 2016.