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Glow Mechanics: Throw Aways Vol. 1


Visuals by Kurtis Benson

Yesterday, the homie Es El released these dope instrumentals that didn’t quite make the cut onto Glow Mechanics’ Schmo Mechanics. Es El, one of Minneapolis’ raw hip-hop producers, put this free 5-track tape out for all of our eardrums to enjoy, and so far it’s been on repeat. Everything about these beats just scream, “THROW ME AWAY”, so make sure to waste some time playing these over and over again. If this is now your first time hearing Es El, make sure to give his album with Glow Mechanics a listen through. More importantly, come out and support them live.

-Upcoming Show: May 31st, 2014 @ Asian Taste- 

Glow Mechanics – Still Buggin’ (Video)

The homies Glow Mechanics released a pretty dope visual for their track, “Still Buggin”; off of their last mix-tape “Schmo Mechanics”. Something Legitimate laced the duo with a ill beat, while Anthony Maroney and crew match it with good video quality. The new visual definitely correlates with how the song feels, peep the vid above and stay tuned for more from Glow Mechanics.

Glow Mechanics Perform ‘Aloft’ @ the Radio K Studio

The homies from Glow Mechanics continue to put in heavy work as they throw down live at the Radio K Studio. The group’s popularity continues to rise as they continue to hold it down at local venues around Minneapolis. Check out ‘Aloft’ here, and stay tuned for more from Glow Mechanics here.


Where: Triple Rock| 629 Cedar Avenue 55454, Minneapolis, MN |

When: Sunday December 29th, 2013 | Tickets $10 | Doors @ 8:00pm|

This Sunday at Triple Rock, there will be a nice lineup of Hip-Hop artists, including our good friends of Glow Mechanics. The night features: Create, West Village, Kids Like Us, Exxe, Cannaholics, and DJ Flow. There are a decent amount of artists on this lovely New Years Eve Eve, and we suggest making an attempt to catch some of these artists live. Stop on down and have a drink or five and start celebrating the New Year.

Glow Mechanics – Schmo Mechanics


Just because a lot of us can be snoozin, or hibernating perhaps, Glow Mechanics released their latest album, Schmo Mechanics,  two weekends ago.  Their CD Release show had me feeling like the early 2000s, because they raised the roof off of 7th Street Entry. This album definitely has a newly developed signature style to the group that many are not able to obtain; this is, of course all thanks Bev and Ghostmeat’s clever lyrics and Es El’s bold production. Press Play and stay tuned for more from Glow Mechanics.

[Recap] Glow Mechanics CD Release 7th Street Entry



Rapper Hooks (left) and Chantz (right)

Ghostmeat (Glow Mechanics)


Bev (Left) and Es El (Right) of Glow Mechanics

                                     – All Images Courtesy of Kurtis Benson- 


Heavy bass, witty lyrics, rippin’ guitars and some good people, made for some good vibes. Glow Mechanics had their CD release show at 7th Street Entry in downtown Minneapolis this last Sunday, and it certainly exceeded expectations. Their newest album, Schmo Mechanics, has definitely set the bar to a whole new level for the group. We cannot forget the others though, for the night wouldn’t of been the show it was without the help of these groups.

Beasthead, Rapper Hooks and Chantz took to the stage as well, and lets just say everyone showed up to play. For only $5, I feel we got a hell of a steal. . . but in all reality, everyone was there to just vibe out and have a good time.

CHECK OUT SCHMO MECHANICS FREE HERE: http://glowmechanics.bandcamp.com


Glow Mechanics CD Release Party


Hold your breath people we are almost there, it’s just about time for a new era of music from Glow Mechanics. As you see on here from time and time and time again, we support good people making good music; Glow Mechanics have been a big proponent of this.

The hip-hop trio (Es El, Ghostmeat and Bev) will be releasing their latest CD, Schmo Mechanics, at 7th Street Entry this Sunday. We here at MADE have followed the three from near- birth of the group (no, not out of the womb birth), and it has been interesting to see how their music progresses. The chemistry of the group is constantly changing; with each live performance they continue to adapt to different audiences and the unique venues that go along with it.

After grinding out shows at dive-bars, festivals, house parties and the other random locations, the group’s hard work and persistence is paying off. Glow Mechanics, will be headlining their first show at 7th Street Entry, which will hopefully make for many more to come. This is the beginning of a new era from the Minneapolis based group, and we truly believe that.

-Stay tuned this week for more news on Glow Mechanics-



Glow Mechanics Track List Announced

Just a few days ago Glow Mechanics released their track list to the highly anticipated album, Schmo Mechanics. The backside if the album features Es El, aka Something Legitimate and or Wizard/Producer. Make sure to continue to stay tuned here for more from Glow Mechanics as their CD release show draws near.

CD release of, Schmo Mechanics, is on December 8th at 7th Street Entry.