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Ryan Coogler’s ‘Black Panther’ Is A Cultural Phenomenon Because We Made It So

A week after its release in theaters across America, director Ryan Coogler’s new Marvel comic-adaptation, Black Panther, is still setting box office records. The film is the 5th highest domestic debut of all time, and the highest grossing February release in history, with a staggering $202,003,951. It earned more in just 3-days in theaters than any other film featuring a black director and predominantly black cast with an impressive worldwide opening weekend gross of $350 million. The success of the film has not only shattered age-old myths surrounding the “unpopularity” of all-black ensemble movies in Hollywood. It is also changing the way Hollywood, and America at large, view films that deal primarily with black and African American culture. But why is Black Panther such a big deal for America and not simply just another superhero movie with a hero who happens to be black? Continue reading

Iconic Actor Gene Wilder Has Passed Away at the Age of 83


Legendary comedic actor Gene Wilder, best known for his roles in films like Young Frankenstein, The Producers, Blazing Saddles, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, passed away Monday after a struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease. The actor was twice nominated for an Academy Award, one for his role in The Producers and the other as co-writer with Mel Brooks for Young Frankenstein. Wilder first gained attention in a production of Off Broadway’s Roots in 1961. He then continued working in television and on Broadway for a number of years, where he first caught the eye of filmmaker Mel Brooks. The actor starred in a production of Bonnie and Clyde in 1967 before teaming up with Brooks for his breakout role in The Producers, which earned him his first nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Continue reading

Joey Bada$$ Live on Jimmy Fallon – Like Me

A few years back, we caught the first live performance from Joey while watching Jimmy Fallon live, when he performed “Waves”. Ever since, Joey has been one of the most consistent and influential emcees in the game. Joey made his second appearance last night, so for those of you who happenend to miss it, he killed it once again backed by the Roots. The two groups fit together like soy on rice. . . maybe soon, the two will make a complete record with one another, only time will tell. We apologize in advance for the potato quality, as it is the best the internet offers. Stay tuned for his upcoming record, B4.Da.$$, which will be released January 20th, 2015.

Roots to Release New Concept Album This Spring

The latest news from the Roots, has Black Thought speaking out about their next concept album, And Then You Shoot Your Cousin (&TYSYC). The album is supposed to be revolved around a few different characters, instead of just one main character like undun.

This will be the 11th Studio album from the legendary Roots crew, and it is now becoming one of the most anticipated of the year. This is very much real and happening, as Black Thought has already stated that the album is close to being finished. The entire album is just about 34mn in running time, so expect something that is short but sweet.

Banksy “Back To The Roots” Day 3

It seems British street artist Banksy is indeed planning on conquering Paris in similar fashion to his previous residency of New York City. For day 3 of “Back To The Roots” Banksy created a cellophane figure positioned as if it were feeding pigeons in the park, the piece is accompanied by the tagline “Feed the pigeons…..One day they’ll feed you”. Check out the short clip above and keep an eye out for what’s in store from one of Britain’s best.

Banksy Begins “Back To The Roots” Paris Residency?


October 1st, British artist Banksy took to the streets of New York City launching a month long residency entitled “Better Out Than In”. Yesterday the people of Paris were greeted with the above stencil, today they saw the second; is this the beginning of round 2? Banksy has taken to the web in similar fashion to “Better Out Than In” with a website titled “Back To The Roots”. As for now there’s no official info regarding a second residency but everything is lining up right, guess we’ll just have to stay tuned.

Vic Mensa – Yung Net (Trailer)

A few days ago Vic Mensa and the good guys at iLL Roots linked up on a snippet for Vic’s track “Yung Net” off of his upcoming project “INNANETAPE”. Vic shows his more lyrical side in this one with some quick witted bars and off flows. Check out the clip above and stay tuned for that INNANETAPE which drops on September 30th.

ILLAmerica now open


Chicago Based blog iLLRoots has finally re-opened it’s webstore for purchases. iLLAmerica will mainly be featured at their website, but anyone in Chicago can probably get their hands on some at RSVP Gallery in the Wicker Park neighborhood. We’ve been big fans of Mike Waxx and everything that iLLRoots has done for the cities up and coming artists and the music scene as a whole, so make sure to support local Chicago artists; and be on the look out for the next Ill Roots Radio tape soon.

Check out there webstore here: