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Grand Theft Auto V Online “Heists” (Trailer)

The good guys over at Rockstar Games continue to expand upon Grand Theft Auto V’s game play with yet another new installment. This time, the gaming giant will provide a new downloadable pack featuring the ever popular heists. A lot of gamers have been complaining about the lack of heists in the online mode, so it’s good to know that their wishes wont go in vain. This new pack will enable players to make a lot more money than previously offered, making for a much more comfortable online living. Check out the trailer above and be on the look out for more updates.

GTA V – Hip-Hop Soundtrack

If you ever played any of the GTA games, then you know that the guys at Rockstar spend a lot of time and money on their radio stations. The guys at GoodMusicAllDay, made sure to compile a 26 song track-list for the game, and lets just say its dope. There are way too many artists to even list, so simply click the link above, and check out the soundtrack if you already haven’t.

Grand Theft Auto V Sells $800 Million Day 1


It’s been a big week for the guys over at Rockstar Games. First they unleash the world’s biggest and most expensive to produce game to date, then they break the record for biggest opening day sales with $800 Million sold on day 1. By video game standards this is absolutely nuts, 1 Billion in 1 week; easy.


So, the wait is drawing to a close with GTA coming out on the 17th this month. Somehow the map was leaked this morning, and yes, the internet got a ahold of it and shared it like a cheap bottle of vodka. As you can see in the image, this map is insane; no video game has ever seen a world so large with such detail. It has been stated that this upcoming game is the most expensive game created in history, and it is the most anticipated game since GTA III. Hold tight people, we’re a week away.

Grand Theft Auto V (Official Trailer)

Just weeks away from it’s release date, Rockstar games has provided the official trailer for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V. Due out September 17th, GTAV looks like it might possibly be the greatest game of all time. Take a look at the above trailer which gives a little more insight into the story we’ll all begin 9/17.

Rockstar Reveals GTA 5 Multiplayer Mode

Don’t freakout people, it is almost here. Rockstar finally released the official gameplay for multiplayer on GTA 5. They did so just about a month before the game is released, which is on September 17th, 2013. Overall, It looks like there is MUCH more to do as far as activities and game modes within the ever expanding world in the new GTA. Alright, maybe I am freaking out just a little bit.

Official GTA V Gameplay

Finally Rockstar has released video of GTA V’s actual gameplay, and it looks unbelievable. There are three main characters, all of which you can control throughout the game. The game not only looks visually stunning, but it seems like you are fully immersed within a whole new world. Check out this MUST SEE clip from Rockstar, and don’t forget to pre-order because this game will be out September 17th.