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Super Mario Odyssey (Video)

Earlier today, Nintendo teased a minute of gameplay from their upcoming Mario game, “Super Mario Odyssey.” Interestingly enough, the game is set in an urban environment, much like the classic live action Mario movie starring Bob Hoskins & John Leguizamo. The video clearly shows vehicles and non cartoon humans walking about. Check out the video above and peep the hilariously remade “Mario in GTA IV” visual below.

David Redon Remakes Vintage American Ads

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David Redon, a graphic designer out of Paris, re-created vintage American ads using pop culture icons. David uses his illustrative background to make a whole new meaning for these vintage ads, based off of pop icons significance to American culture. Each piece is appropriately chosen to match with each artist. For example: Outkast on an old ad for soap, with the tagline “So Fresh and So Clean”. We made sure to share a good majority of the prints, so if you want to see more, feel free to visit David Redon’s website below.


Ray Allen Wears Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey


A few weeks back rumors began swirling that Spike Lee & Ray Allen could possibly be linking back up for “He Got Game 2”. With the NBA testing out it’s “nickname” jerseys, Ray Allen saw the perfect opportunity to showcase the legendary “J.Shuttlesworth” on the back of his jersey. This again has the rumor mills spinning as many believe this is a sign of things to come, no official word on the movie yet but it sounds like it could really happen. Keep an eye out for more info as it comes in.

Ray Allen & Spike Lee Discussing “He Got Game” Sequel